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Canal Street Chronicles: Fleur-de-Links 8.20.09


MalcolmJenkins bout to head into these PM meetings... gotta see if we got better today, the eye in the sky never lies

MalcolmJenkins just got out of meetings... bout to go to sleep got a long day tomorrow

SupaFreak69 I tell u wat tis aint bad..private planes,great food, big bed,and all the snacks u want...i luv NFL..God keep ur hand on me and help me

Harp41 Had 2 solid practices against Houston today-Got a lot of good quality work against another opponent-really helped us out!

Harp41 Going to make us better in the long run..   


 New Orleans Saints tailback Reggie Bush admits juking wasn't working - Times-Pic

"He's so fast, he was used to just running around everybody in college," Saints offensive line coach and running game coordinator Aaron Kromer said.

"Reggie has such talent on the perimeter and catching the ball and running with it and doing a great job on the perimeter. ... He's a very talented player. And the really good players work on their weaknesses, and they're comfortable working on it and talking about it. And that's what he's doing."

-Aaron Kromer

"Reggie is actually hitting the holes a lot harder than he used to, and that's a big improvement by him," Thomas said. "He's looked great."

-Pierre Thomas

"The key with any runner is understanding the scheme and trusting the track he's on," Coach Sean Payton said. "I think that's an area he's working with specifically and doing well."

-Sean Payton 


 New Orleans Saints camp confidential (Aug. 19) - Times-Pic


Saints rookie cornerback Malcolm Jenkins continues to shine. He returned an interception 70 yards for a touchdown in the afternoon workout. Jenkins picked off a pass intended for Texans' wide receiver Jacoby Jones and thrown by quarterback Matt Schaub. Teammates cheered as Jenkins scored untouched.


 New Orleans Saints' Marques Colston, Houston Texans' Andre Johnson have mutual admiration - Times-Pic

"I know (Colston) has been fighting some injuries the past few years, but all in all I think he's a great player," said Johnson, who led the NFL last season in receptions (115) and receiving yardage (1,575) with eight touchdowns.

"He catches the ball real well, and I think a lot of people underestimate his speed. They don't think he's a fast guy, but when he runs by you, he's a pretty fast guy."

-Andre Johnson

"A guy that big shouldn't be running that fast," said Colston, who has caught 145 passes for 1,962 yards and 16 touchdowns the past two seasons.

"He does things that I can't do. I try to steal as much as possible from guys, but there's not much I can steal from him because he plays a different game than I do. He's so fast and explosive. I wish there was something I could do to become that."

-Marques Colston

"He's not a flashy guy, he just goes out and plays,"

-Andre Johnson

"This is my job, to go out and catch balls and make plays," Colston said. "That's what I get paid to do. I have a lot of fun doing it, but I just do it my own way. You make plays, you put up numbers, that speaks for itself."

-Marques Colston


Williams faaaaaaaaaaaar ahead of Bush - Houston Chronicle

Camp insider: Homecoming for Williams - Houston Chronicle 

 Pick 6 for New Orleans Saints cornerback Malcolm Jenkins - Times-Pic

"It was cover 2; I just happened to be in the right place,'' Jenkins said. "I'm pretty comfortable with the defense. Every rep we get, every practice, I'm getting more and more comfortable. Now it's just about getting better.''

-Malcolm Jenkins


 New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans lack "punch'' in two workouts - Times-Pic

"We just come out and play football,'' Saints left tackle Jammal Brown said after the p.m. workout Wednesday at the Texans' training facility adjacent to Reliant Stadium. "That stuff isn't predetermined; if it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, we just come out here to get better.''

-Jammal Brown


Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush's Big Easy Reunion - E! Online

Sources say Kim is staying at his New Orleans home and waiting for his return from camp.




Saints practice against the Houston Texans Aug. 19, 2009




Here is a buttload of training camp audio from WWL's Sports Talk.




Sean Payton Press Conference Transcript

From the New Orleans Saints official website

How did the team play in practice this afternoon?

"I think pretty good. I haven't seen what was going on on the other side of the field. In the two-minute, I thought defensively we did a good job; offensively we need work there, but I thought it was good work, especially against another opponent. We got some situations in red zone and third down and that's good, especially when you see some different looks."

Reggie Bush said earlier that he wanted to emphasize hitting the hole harder. Is that something you've talked with him about?

"The key with any runner is understanding the scheme and trusting the track he's on. I think that's an area that he's specifically working with and doing well."

Any update on Drew Brees?

"Nothing really other than that he's traveling and that he'll be with us here tonight and be ready to practice tomorrow."

Are you expecting him to start on Saturday?

"Yes. I think so."

How encouraging was it to see Malcolm Jenkins get that interception?


"I thought defensively in the two-minute that we made some big plays. I haven't had a chance to see the other side of the field defensively - there are a lot of things that we have to correct and clean up. When you go against a different team, you see some looks that are different. That's one of the pluses about working with someone else."

It seemed like this afternoon was a more spirited practice. Did you feel that way?

"Typically, when you go inside, you get out of the heat and you have a little bit more energy. That's no different when we're at home; when you bring practice inside they tend to move around a little bit quicker. But the facility is good and it's good that we had this to work in. You get cramped a little bit for space but I think we got the work done that we wanted to."

Is this a good change of pace for you this week?

"Yes, I think so. Very much so."

Was Drew expected to be here today?

"No. He's driving and will be getting in here later this afternoon."

Do you feel like the defense is making strides from what you saw in the Cincinnati game last week?

"I think definitely we're working on it. Third down was a big point of emphasis for us coming off the Cincinnati game. I haven't seen the third down practice tape yet from this afternoon but that's something that we're working to improve on and it's an important part of playing good defense."

Did you guys cut practice short this morning?

"No, I think we were right on schedule."

Was Jo-Lonn Dunbar getting more reps this afternoon?

"We're just constantly rotating guys in and out. Scott Shanle is our starting Will linebacker and then we're getting those young guys time."

Overall how did you feel about the two practices today?

"I thought it was good. It was good - and Gary (Kubiak) and I talked about it afterwards - the work we got against each other. I think it benefits both teams because you get different looks and that's hard to simulate. After a while when you get into this point of training camp, you get used to seeing the same looks from the same team and any time you can change it up, it adds life to practice."