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Saints @ Texans: Training Camp Update - The Ruckus at Reliant

The title of this post was borrowed from Jeff Duncan's tweet


JeremyShockey 1 more practice with texans before game... Drew is back and i see that look in his eye.... look out

bawtp Twitter-dee, twitter-dum ... Saints smell the blood of the houston tex-uns ... That's my prose 4 the day!

jeffduncantp Back at Reliant Park. Sun already on high wattage. Gonna be another sweat-fest. FYI: Drew Brees is reportedly back.

wwltvsports Jammal brown not out yet. Brees on field.

jeffduncantp Houston Cougars and Rice Owls football teams are attending the morning workout as guests of the Texans.

jeffduncantpFirst major skirmmish of the two-day workouts. Troy Evans involved.

bawtp First fight ... 9:04 ... More details later

wwltvsportsFight breaks out in inside run with n.o. On d. 1st of camp with texans

wwltvsports Not sure how fight started or who started it, but it was not small

jeffduncantp Pierson Prioleau (ankle) is new addition to injured list. Jammal Brown also out. Saints are thin at tackle. Bushrod working with 1s at LT

wwltvsports Troy evans starts 2nd fight with houston's 21

jeffduncantp Another huge scrum. Dogpile of Texans and Saints at midfield.

bawtp Second fight. 9:04

jeffduncantp Huge SRO crowd at this workout, ringing field three and four deep. Feels like Fat Tuesday on St. Charles Ave.

jeffduncantp Local boy Jacoby Jones with a nice punt return on a punt by Pakulak.   

wwltvsports Shockey starts fight, throws punch. It's an active day at camp

jeffduncantp Two more scrums. Buck Ortega and Jeremy Shockey engaged in separate fracases. Shockey throwing haymakers.

wwltvsports Practice is over. Let's say it got a little physical out here. 3 fights and kots of tackles to the ground by Saints defense.   

wwltvsports Jammal Brown in Philly getting checked out for possible sports hernia.

wwltvsports 4 fights, 2 on each field hilighted bt Shockey's brou ha ha and Troy Evans' melee.   

jeffduncantp Update: Jammal Brown with potential sports hernia. Flew to Philly for evaluation by specialist Dr. William Myers. Out Sat., indefintely

jeffduncantp Texans players called Saints cheap-shot artists afterward. Some didn't take to defensive players constant ballhawking. Quotes to come.

jeffduncantp Darren Sharper: "I haven't seen this many fights in my whole career. From our team, now against another team."

GregBensel we welcomed drew back to the team; met us in Houston where the practices were intense

jeffduncantp Brees returned to practice & didn't skip a beat. Said it's been an emotional week but was glad to rejoin "my other family."

wwltvsports OK fans, there seems to be a lot of concern over Bush. No one in the media saw anything happen. Ergo, nothing to report at this moment.

MalcolmJenkins it got a lil chippy today in practice... this is gonna be a great game!!

jeffduncantp I've asked Saints officials about Bush. No official word. I didn't see the injury & after his "iced knee" prank I'll withhold speculation

ltorrence24 We play 1 of the last gladiator sports on earth! 1 of the few places U cn smack some1 in the mouth & not worry abt going 2 jail. I luv it!

jeffduncantp More Ruckus at Reliant ... Texans LB DeMeco Ryans: "I told our defensive guys that nobody's going to come in our house and push us around."

jeffduncantp Texans FB Vonta Leach on R. Coleman: "Nothing was being said - it was a cheap shot, our guy came off the blocks, and they started swinging."   

wwltvsports Bush sitting on bench while team goes through walk thru practice. Will talk with Payton post practice.

wwltvsports Stay calm Saints nation. Don't jump to conclusions.

jeffduncantp Bush not working at pm prax. Walking gingerly on right leg but nothing wrapped. No official word from Saints til post-practice.

wwltvsportsBush now standing with team. Light practice with no helmets

jeffduncantp My take is the Bush injury -- if indeed there is one -- isn't serious

wwltvsports Bush seems to be spending practice sitting on the sideline, content to watch practice.

wwltvsports Payton on Bush: strained calf,

jeffduncantp Payton: Reggie strained calf. Not serious. Could play if needed

wwltvsports Bush on Bush: said it's just a bad cramp. Payton says it happened during post practice conditioning, nothing to worry about

wwltvsports Bush after practice was limping slightly, but Payton said if it were reg season, Bush would be playing. Just a mild calf sprain.

jeffduncantp Payton: Brees will play first half Saturday and Joey Harrington will finish game with second- and third-teams.

jeffduncantp No word on Jammal Brown's sports hernia. Evaluation to be done later today, Payton said. Specialist is same doc who worked on Will Smith

SupaFreak69 great day so far....headn bak to telly to relax...    


 Photos from the New Orleans Saints Jeremy Shockey and Houston's DeMeco Ryans fight - Times-Pic

 New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush suffers strained calf - Times-Pic

Video: Shockey at the center of brawl with Texans - WWL

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Saints and Texans Squabble - New Orleans Saints official website

Kristian: Shanle quietly leads Saints in tackles - WWL

 New Orleans Saints left tackle Jammal Brown sidelined indefinitely with possible sports hernia - Times-Pic

 New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans tangle in fight-marred practice Thursday morning - Times-Pic

"Being tough is part of it, I don't think we want to take it to the level of fighting because that's going to hurt our team," Sharper said. "But being tough and challenging and being competitive are all things that (defensive coordinator Gregg Williams) preaches with his defense and being aggressive, also. All those things come along. Something us guys as players take it a little too far and that's when it boils over into ruckuses."

-Darren Sharper


 New Orleans Saints defensive end Jeff Charleston working overtime - Times-Pic

"Every day, I've got to get a little extra work," he said. "Me and (fellow defensive end) Charles Grant, we've been working every day. That first week of camp is brutal -- it kills you, it wears you down. We just figured after every practice, we're going to do a little extra, run a little more. It's gotten easier.

"More time means more time for me to work. I get off my feet, I ice. I do the proper methods to recover. But if (Coach Sean Payton) gives us a little extra time to get a little extra work, we're going to get a little extra work."

-Jeff Charleston

"I don't feel right unless I do a little bit more than everyone else," he said. "If I don't do just a little bit more, I feel like I'm on the same level. And I know I've had to work for everything I've gotten. So I'm just trying to get a little bit extra, a little bit more. Then, when I go to sleep at night, I feel a little bit better."

-Jeff Charleston  

"There's a young man that loves the game of football," defensive line coach Bill Johnson said. "He's got a great passion for it, he's got a great work ethic, a person that wants to excel. To me, he's headed in the right direction. All he has to do is start getting some playing time. Experience is what he's got to go after, but he plays fast, plays hard and he studies the game. That's what I love about him.

"He's the type guy you look for as a coach. A guy that loves it, a guy that wants to get better, a guy that doesn't just want to come out and practice, but he wants to study tape and learn more about football. He's got a big heart."

-Bill Johnson

"We're going to rotate, and we're going to play him," Johnson said. "Once we get our roster set -- in this league, if you get on the bus, you play.

"You know our situation (with the pending suspensions). It's pretty obvious what's going on. He's going to get that chance. He's doing all the things he needs to do to get that chance."

-Bill Johnson

"I've always felt like I have belonged," Charleston said. "Any team I've been on, I've always felt I had a role. Any place you go, you have a role. If you're on a 53-man roster you have a role -- if it's special teams, if it's backing up someone, if it's coming in on third down. And this is a game with injuries.

"You've got to be ready at any moment. I've got friends and college teammates that were backups and never thought they'd see the field and they become starters, because one guy goes down and they shine in their opportunity."

-Jeff Charleston




Jeff Duncan's New Orleans Saints video log from Houston, Day 22 (Aug. 20, 2009)




Drew Brees Press Conference Transcript

From the New Orleans Saints official website

Q: How was it to get back?

A: It was good. I got back last night, watched the film, it looked like there was some great work yesterday. I think this is important work to get anytime you can go up against another team you're not familiar with since they're not in your division and in fact in a whole other conference. You just get new looks that you haven't seen all training camp, because it's competitive because everybody wants to get out here and play well and you have something to prove.

Q: Has it been therapeutic for you to get back on the field after your mother's passing?

A: It's always nice to get back. Certainly my mind has been on my family and my mother. I have a family back here with our team the Saints, so when I got back it was great to see everybody, great to flip on the film and just start kind of getting back focused on football again.

Q: Can you compartmentalize things relatively easily?

A: I definitely think I can. I think unlike maybe when my mom first passed away, it was such a shock. Now that it's been almost two weeks and the fact that we've already had the memorial services. We've already had a family, friend memorial service on Monday and another yesterday. Now there's some sense of closure. I'm able to compartmentalize that and think about football.

Q: Does it take some time to feel completely comfortable again on the field?

A: Yes. It did. It's only been three days and I practiced Sunday morning and it hasn't been that long, but you feel out here, it does take a few snaps to get back in it. I don't want to say it's working the rust off or some kinks, since it's only three days, but just getting your mind back in it.

Q: Who won the battle between Jeremy Shockey and DeMeco Ryans?

A: I think I'd take Shockey over just about anybody in that deal. Tempers flare because it's competitive. Things are physical and it's football. Obviously we're not trying to get hurt out here. We're trying to help ourselves get better and they're trying to get better as well, but in the end when you have competitive people and you're in a physical sport like this, it's bound to happen. You just don't want anybody to get hurt because of it.

Q: Do the fights serve as a prelude to Saturday?

A: Last year it was the same thing. There's more fights as you go on because in the beginning you're kind of going at it and you kind of understand he's going faster than me, so you pick it up or I'm going a little faster than him. The second day you're more agitated. That's usually the way it happens. The longer you practice, the more you're going to see it happen. You wouldn't see it in the first or second drill. Once the second day rolls around that's what happens. It makes for a competitive game on Saturday.

Q: Are the fights with quarterbacks kind of like with goalies in hockey? Did you look for Matt Schaub when the fights broke out?

A: He was on the other field here. No, I'm just trying to get my guys out of there. You don't want anybody to get hurt.

Q: How do you evaluate the job the offensive line has done in camp?

A: I think they've been doing well. It's a group that's been together for a very long time. You mention the injuries. Obviously Jammal (Brown) and some other nicks and dings, but for the most part, our guys up front have been together a long time. Even the backups have been here for quite a while. (Jermon) Bushrod and (Zach) Strief have been here a few years. When those guys need to step in and get the job done along with (Jamar) Nesbit, those guys get the job done.

Q: How uneasy would you be if Jammal is sidelined?

A: That's tough, because obviously he's the anchor on that left side. I mentioned Strief and Bushrod. I'm very confident in those two guys. I certainly want to have Jammal back as quickly as possible, but that's a part of the game.

Q: Can you talk about the support of your team and teammates when you had to deal with your mom's passing?

A: It was awesome. In fact, Mr. Benson gave his plane to Sean Payton and six or seven guys to come out to the memorial service on Monday. It was awesome. They walked in and it brought a tear to my eyes, because I know how much they mean to me, just the fact that they were there to support me and my family was great.

Q: Can you tell which team members attended the service?

A: It was Sean Payton, Pete Carmichael Jr. our offensive coordinator, who I've been with a long time, Billy MillerJon Stinchcomb, Charles Grant, Will SmithScott Fujita and Reggie Bush.

Q: Do you think the circumstances will make it difficult to start preparation wise?

A: No, having today, this afternoon and then tomorrow, we'll be fine. I've been playing a long time. I hope it doesn't take more than a few throws to get me back in it.



Sean Payton Press Conference Transcript

From the New Orleans Saints official website

Opening Statement:

"One quick injury update: we're having Jammal Brown looked at. He has some pain in his upper groin area and he's flying to Philadelphia to have Dr. Meyers give him an exam and see if we get to the bottom of it. It's something that has been troubling him a little bit; yesterday it flared up and he wasn't at practice this morning. This afternoon's practice will be indoors and separate and we'll get ready for Saturday's game."

Is Jammal out of Saturday night's game?

"I think he would be right now. As soon as I know more in regards to the feedback we get from Philly, I'll pass it along."

What is your reaction to the fights on the practice field this morning?

"There were a couple on both fields but I don't think it was anything significant."

Is that something you expect when you go up against another team in practice? Is it indicative of the attitude of this defense?

"When you practice against somebody like we have for the second day now and it's hot, tempers get flared up a little bit. It happened twice on both fields and both teams handled it well and got back to playing."

Does it concern you when your starting tight end is involved in the fight?

"No, it's just what I said. Regardless of position, it was just guys getting a little frustrated on both sides of the ball. Nothing serious."

How tight is the competition between Skyler Green and Courtney Roby for the kick returner spot?

"It's not just those two players. Both of those guys are competing for a roster spot and it would have to include being a returner, yet that doesn't mean that one or the other is going to make the team. It's pretty competitive for those players who are having to play defense or offense as well as the kicking game."

What did it mean to have Drew Brees back today?

"It was great to have him back. He means a lot and obviously he's one of the leaders of this team. A lot functions around him offensively so it was significant."

How did the offensive line look in practice?

"I think he did pretty good. We're nicked up a little bit with Zach Strief, Jammal Brown, Tim Duckworth - there were three guys that weren't able to practice so these young guys are getting a lot of reps. Jermon Bushrod got a lot of work today and it was a good experience for him."

Is the concern with Jammal a sports hernia?

"That's what he's being examined for. We'll wait and see and get some feedback. He's having the exam later this afternoon after flying out this morning."

What was your overall take on the three practices with the Texans?

"I thought it was good work. I just talked to Gary (Kubiak) as we were finishing practice. We get so much because you get different looks and it changes the routine. For the players, that's most important because this is the hard part of training camp, the latter part of it. To try to keep the focus and the edge becomes a little easier when you're going against someone else; you can't really let up and try to just glide through practice. You have to get ready and that's what I like about it."

Usama Young was working with the first-team defense today. Is that something he'll be doing more often?

"We're going to continue to work him into that group. He's doing real well and he's pushing. That's a good competition right now."

How is Chris Reis doing?

"He's battling and you're going to see him in and out of the lineup. He's doing well, so we have good competition there. We'll try to get all of those guys work on Saturday."

With Chip Vaughn out, is Reis working at both safety positions?

"He's flexible enough to work both positions, but primarily we have him at strong now."