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Drew Brees Q&A

Here is a Q&A with Drew Brees performed by the NFL and found right here on WWLTV. 

Q: Can you give a scouting report on Mike Bell?

A: Mike's a guy ever since he's gotten here, he's been better and better, the more opportunities he gets and the more comfortable he gets with the offense as we become comfortable with him. He showed what he could do the other night and just ran hard and took advantage of these opportunities. He's the guy who might be the MVP of training camp. I think he understands what we need from that third running back position. I see him playing a role if he continues to run like that.

Q: Why is he the MVP of camp?

A: Because of the effort he's given day in and day out, making the most of every opportunity he was given. He carried the ball a lot during camp and as we were trying to find who that third guy would be. He did a great job.

Q: What does Lance Moore bring to the table as opposed to Robert Meachem and Devery Henderson?

A: Lance is a guy who can do anything. He's a great route runner. He's really smooth. You watch him on film and you never know what's coming. There eight different routes he could run for 15 yards and they all look the same. He's a very difficult guy to cover. He's got exceptional hands. He's a fun-loving guy, you can see by his celebrations. The Road he has traveled as an undrafted free agent, starts off in Cleveland, on our practice squad and now he's one of our to receivers. I have all the trust in the world in him. He's one of our most reliable guys. He's a competitive guy. He expects to get the ball and wants to make the play. Those are all things you want.

Q: Does it excite you to play into the third quarter in this game?

A: That third preseason game is when you get the most time and so you certainly want to get out there and look sharp, move the ball and score points. It's as close to the first game of the regular season you would get as far as the mentality going into it, the preparation going into it. It's sort of a dress rehearsal going into the first game. It's a game we have to go out, win and score points with, doing all the things we have to do as a first team offense.

Q: How is Usama Young doing in his transition to safety?

A: I think he's doing great. For anybody changing positions from corner to safety, you're asked to do different things. It takes a toll on the body on the course of training camp and through the season.. Learning all those things has been an adjustment for him, but he's picked it up very well. He's had a chance to play a lot with (Darren) Sharper being out a little bit. It gave him a chance to get some reps. I love the guy. He's intelligent and a hard worker, a great player, he wants to be a guy who contributes to this team. He's on his way to being that guy.

Q: What do you think of him as a person?

A: I think a lot of him. I think the road he's traveled. The Super Bowl commercial said it all. Selling Cokes at the game at RFK. Now he's living the dream. I think he appreciates everyday and every opportunity he has. He went to somewhat of a small school at Kent State. Now he's getting an opportunity to play at the next level. He's one of these guys who's going to take every opportunity he gets. He's going to help other guys. He wants what's best for the team

Q: Do you pull for guys like that to make the team?

A: 100 percent. I think guys like him understand the big picture, have had some adversity. Those are the guys that I think get it. He definitely appreciates it.