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Saints Twitter Update: Going Back to Cali Edition

The Saints arrived in California yesterday evening and are tweeting their adventures to keep us in the loop. Let's drop in on the players and the rest of the gang as they enjoy their time on the left coast.  


jeffduncantp Finally arrived @ our S.F. hotel at Union Square. Dominated a double-double animal style @ In-N-Out. Now five hours to Lincecum's 1st pitch!

jeffduncantp Thumbs up to Drew Brees on the In-N-Out rec. Loved the animal-style sauce. Very tasty.

reggie_bush Just got to Oakland bout to go devour an In N Out Burger! Double Double!

SupaFreak69 In cal

SupaFreak69 The mountains from the sky are so beautiful...wat a beautiful world we live in

ltorrence24 Feels pretty nice to be back in Cali, my old stomping grounds!

GregBensel with team, we just arrived at Fremont Marriott, where nearly 4 yrs ago today, we watched, from this hotel, Katrina hit our city; strange

jeffduncantp Wallkong to Giants game. Caught up in a massive bike rally downtown. Some dude just rolled by naked.

MalcolmJenkins Just got in Cali... Very excited to play tomorrow!!!

saints83 I love Cali. Just got done eating with the fellas, good times