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New Orleans Saints 45 @ Oakland Raiders 7: Who Dat Say!?



FletcherMackel good for skyler green....i'd love to see him catch on somewhere...unfortunately i think he's out due to number at his positions here.

wwltvsports Saints thoughts: Very impressive showing on W. Coast today. Team is clicking on all cylinders. Are they clicking too early? ...

FletcherMackel if i'm a raiders fan i'm burning my season tickets. absolutely embarrassing!!!

wwltvsports Stand outs: Lynell Hamilton, Anthony Hargrove, O-line, all safeties who played, CBS' Larry Holder, Sean Payton.

jeffduncantp Only remaining suspense: Will Digger Bujnoch play? The third-team center is the only Saint that hasn't played. Show him some love, Coach

FletcherMackel crowd left in oakland looks reminisecnt of a a bad tulane game in the superdome!

wwltvsports Stand outs continued: P.J. Hill, 1st-team defense, T-P's Jeff Duncan and Brian Allee-Walsh...

FletcherMackel sean payton just said he's very impressed with RB's hamilton, hill and donaldson but their are just not enough spots at that position.

jeffduncantp Back from locker room. Mad scramble for In-N-Out burgers in full swing. Payton said U. Young has strained/bruised rt. shoulder. Not serious.

MalcolmJenkins After a hard day of work this In-n-Out burger is really hittin the spot!!!

reggie_bush Great win for the Saints today! Humble pie all year! God is good..

saints83 i have to bring home an In=N=Out burger home to my wife or she won't let me in

saints83 Good win for the team. Whooooo Dat!!!!!!

GregBensel 97 degrees in press box; big win today 45-7 over raiders; in'n'out burgers a big hit, wheels up on our delta charter from oakland to nola...

drewbrees Getting on the plane now in Oakland to come back to Nola. Great preseason win for the team. Lance is back and defense looked stout

jeffduncantp Wrapping up here at the Coliseum. For inquiring minds: Digger did finally play; unknown total on Nicks' In-N-Out burgers


Photos: Saints squash Oakland Saturday - Times-Pic

 New Orleans Saints' running game makes "short'' work of outmanned Oakland Raiders - Times-Pic

Peter Finney: New Orleans Saints must keep preseason success in perspective - Times-Pic

New Orleans Saints receiver Lance Moore picks up where he left off - Times-Pic

"Obviously, Lance is a big part of what we do, " Brees said. "He really came on last year to become the guy that I depend on a lot. I feel like we have a lot of weapons, but Lance is one of those guys who continues to get better and takes advantage of every opportunity he gets.

"I know how much he was champing at the bit to get out there today. He's felt like he could have been out there a month ago. But obviously, it was doctors' orders being smart with his shoulder and all. Most guys go out their first game back a little rusty, but he didn't seem to have much rust."

-Drew Brees

"I'm sure I'm going to be game sore tomorrow but my shoulder felt good, " Moore said. "It was just good being out there with the guys -- Marques (Colston), Devery (Henderson), (Robert) Meachem and everybody else out there."

-Lance Moore

"There was no plan to go to me or they didn't tell me it was going to be that way, " Moore said. "That's just how it went."

-Lance Moore

"What I told C.J. (wide receivers coach Curtis Johnson) is I wanted to see Marques, Lance, Devery and Robert but I wanted to see enough of Lance because he's been a little bit behind in terms of snaps, " Payton said. "I think he felt good and he picked it up pretty quickly."

-Sean Payton

"I think we're all excited to see Lance back out with us, " Stinchcomb said. "He's such a great weapon for us. When he's healthy, it's just one more weapon for Drew to choose from."

-Jon Stinchcomb

"I did it on the back of my legs, not just my calf, " Bush said. "I think it's one of those things that if you do it on a consistent basis then it helps. It's not so much you do it one time and you feel great."

-Reggie Bush, on acupuncture

"It feels like a tiny prick, " he said. "It's not bad. It's not like sticking a nail inside you; it's like a hair-thin needle. All I know is there were a lot of needles but I wasn't counting."

-Reggie Bush

"Coach ran off all of his accolades, which are unbelievable and impressive, " Brees said. "He told us that he'd trade it all to get one more chance to compete. Competitors always have that feeling. He talked about our window of opportunity and the sacrifice that we need to make as players for ourselves and the good of the team."

-Drew Brees, on Ronnie Lott speaking to the team

"There are no excuses. I didn't feel him at all. I felt alone when I got out of the crowd and I thought I was good to go. When I turned back and looked behind me, that's when he grabbed me. That won't happen again. Basically I got to dive in the end zone from there."

-Robert Meachem 


 Former LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell in duel for starting job - Times-Pic

"We didn't make plays," Russell said. "Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. When things like that happen, you have to go back to fundamentals.

"As a team we have to buckle down as one. It's a tough situation, and for young guys, they go into recovery mode. As a leader we have to pull those guys up, and it was very embarrassing today. It was disrespectful to our fans, ourselves and our families to go out and perform that way. On the brighter side, there's another day to go to work, and hopefully we pick up and move forward."

-JaMarcus Russell

"Without looking at the film, I saw him make a couple of good throws," said Saints wide receiver Devery Henderson, who also played at LSU. "His biggest thing is he's got to get the confidence and just keep working hard."

-Devery Henderson

"Russell's got everything he needs," Henderson said. "He just needs to keep working hard and just be a student of the game and try to learn as much as he can. I'm not saying that he's not, but if he keeps learning as much as he can, it will help him in the long run."

-Devery Henderson

"I wouldn't mind playing a lot more," Russell said. "I thought we were going to stay out there a lot longer today, just to show that we're not too big for a preseason game. We need the work, and that's what we're here for. We'll just go out there and work. That's what we're here for. If so be it, we'll go out there and handle business (against Seattle)."

-JaMarcus Russell


Saints maul Raiders, 45-7 -

Saints Defeat Raiders 45-7 - Oakland Raiders official website

Saints Light Up Black Hole - New Orleans Saints official website

 New Orleans Saints thrash Oakland Raiders 45-7 in exhibition victory - Times-Pic

"Calm down, everybody. Calm down," Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma said when asked what he would tell the fan base in New Orleans. "It's a long season, and right now we're really just scratching the tip of the iceberg. We're not making any crazy predictions or anything like that.

"But we know that we are a talented group. We know that the stats speak for themselves on the offensive side of the ball, and now the defense is trying to pick it up. And we think we're doing a good job right now. Of course, we have to take that into the season and get some wins and get to the playoffs."

-Jonathan Vilma

"You know, three drives, three touchdowns with the first team, and they were all 60-, 70-yard drives," said Brees, who completed his first eight passes and finished 14-of-17 for 179 yards and two touchdowns. "We had to convert a couple of third-and-longs. It just felt like we played with great tempo, we were in and out of the huddle. I felt like we kept them off balance. I felt like a lot of times we were getting up to the ball and getting set while they were still trying to get lined up.

"So I just felt like we accomplished what we wanted to there with regard to playing with our tempo, our intensity, and we really were able to get into a rhythm."

-Drew Brees

"There's still two or three plays a game in each preseason game where I tell myself, 'Hey, if this is a close game, we've got to be able to make that play,'" Brees said. "So there was one or two of those today. And you can say that's being somewhat of a perfectionist, or what have you, but the fact is you are going to get into games where the margin for error is so small, and you have to be as perfect as you can."

-Drew Brees

"Well, I know how big he is, so I figured it's not a good matchup for me to try and tackle him," Harper said. "It would be better to just go for the ball. It's a lot smaller than him."

-Roman Harper

"It's almost like we're expecting it now, the way we practice it," Vilma said of the emphasis on forcing turnovers under new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. "Last week at Houston we caused a fumble, and they recovered it, and we didn't look at it as a great caused fumble. We looked at it as a missed opportunity."

-Jonathan Vilma

"I felt real good, and I thought we got a real good push on the o-line," Hamilton said. "I think (the run game) has really made a turn for the best. Some of the things we're doing up front are really opening up doors for us to run the ball."

-Lynell Hamilton

"This game doesn't count," right tackle Jon Stinchcomb said. "It won't get us any closer to the Super Bowl, wins and losses wise. But it's an important game because it's an opportunity for us to come out and play at a high level and execute in all the situations we're going to see when Detroit comes to town (in Week 1 of the regular season).

"It's definitely a step in the right direction."

-Jon Stinchcomb


Brees, Saints pick apart Raiders in 45-7 blowout - The Advocate

"I just felt like we accomplished what we wanted to there with regards to playing with our tempo and our intensity," Brees said. "We were able to get into a rhythm. When you walk away with three touchdowns on three possessions, that’s what you want to do."

-Drew Brees

"I felt great. I felt like I hadn’t missed a lot," Moore said. "It was great being out there, getting hit and having fun in the game."

-Lance Moore

"It looked good on the scoreboard but let’s look at it in the film room," tight end Jeremy Shockey said. "We came all the way to California not for the wine but to get some good work in."

-Jeremy Shockey

"I’ve never felt so lousy after a game, period," Raiders tight end Zach Miller said. "The way our offense played was embarrassing so we’re going to fix it."

-Zach Miller  


Surveying the damage - San Francisco Chronicle

Cable: 'I'm embarrassed' - Oakland Tribune

"Obviously, I'm embarrassed by that effort," Cable said. "It was not very good in terms of the third preseason game. It just seemed like early in the game we could not make a play on either side of the ball."

-Tom Cable  

"You always got to take each game as a game you got to win," Raiders cornerback Chris Johnson said. "I don't think any guy in here wanted to get embarrassed like that in front of the home crowd."

-Chris Johnson

"We've got guys there who can make plays that don't make them," Cable said. "We've got guys who can wrap up but don't. We see a safety blitz off the edge; we picked it up a thousand times and we see it too late. Just things like that. We're not very sharp. Not very detailed."

-Tom Cable

"We'll stay the course," Cable said. "This is disappointing and embarrassing to me. I see where we're headed and I see where we're going to be. I'm not going to let this be a setback.

"... I see what we're capable of doing and I'm not going to give in on it."

-Tom Cable   


McDonald: Just about everything goes wrong in Raiders' embarrassing loss - Oakland Tribune

The Saints' top two runners, Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas, didn't even play. So someone named Lynell Hamilton stepped in and rushed for 95 yards on 16 carries before giving way to someone named P.J. Hill, who had 83 yards on 12 carries.


Peterson: Another troubling Raiders performance in loss to Sainta - Oakland Tribune

"We didn't coach it well, we didn't play it well," Cable said. "(But) to put a finger on one thing would probably be very ludicrous."

-Tom Cable


Familiar flags still a concern - Oakland Tribune

 Four years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Saints healthier than ever - Times-Pic

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Jeff Duncan's video log from the Saints-Raiders exhibition game (Aug. 29, 2009)