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Predicting Today's Roster Cuts

According to the list of key off-season dates on the left sidebar of CSC, the NFL mandates that all team rosters be cut down to 75 players by tomorrow. Payton mentioned during yesterday's press conference that those cuts would actually come this morning. By my calculations the Saints roster currently sits at 79 players, meaning four players would need to be accounted for in some way, whether released or placed on IR.  

Here is a quick look at a few players I thought might have a bad day today and who we may not be seeing around anymore this season. Feel free to discuss my choices and add your own players to the list.  


Matt Simon and D'Juan Woods 

Even if Payton decides to carry six receivers on the roster there is simply too much talent at the position this season for either of these guys to make the team. Releasing one or both of these players still leaves Harper, Arrington, Roby and Green to battle it out in the last pre-season game of the year this Thursday. My guess would be Woods before Simon. 


Martrez Milner and Jermey Parnell

The depth chart at tight end is pretty much set with Shockey, Miller and Dinkins. Buck Ortega is probably the favorite for the fourth spot, leaving Milner and Parnell on the outside looking in. Dinkins and Ortega should get a bulk of the reps during the game against Miami with maybe enough to go around for one other player. That means at least one of these guys is probably expendable now rather than later. For Parnell, formerly a defensive end, it was a fun experiment. 

Chip Vaughn

Payton said yesterday that he wouldn't rule out the possibility of placing Vaughn on injured reserve. The rookie has sat out almost all of training camp and missed valuable reps. Rather than have to release someone it may just be easier to call it a year with Vaughn and free up the valuable roster spot.


Earl Heyman 

I haven't heard much about Heyman during training camp and he is probably the odd man out at the defensive tackle position. Depending on how much depth Payton wants at tackle this Thursday, Heyman could be a goner.