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New Orleans Saints Cut Rod Coleman, Greg Fassitt and D'Juan Woods

Well it's about time. I have been waiting all day to see whether my predictions this morning would be accurate. The results are in: I went one for three.

The Saints have released defensive tackle Rod Coleman, cornerback Greg Fassitt and wide receiver D'Juan Woods. This information comes from Fletcher Mackel's tweet...

FletcherMackel saints cut DT rod coleman, CB greg fassitt & WR d'juan woods

Coleman is no doubt the biggest surprise, though I guess we shouldn't have expected much from a guy the Saints brought out of retirement. I was correct about Woods and Fassitt would have defintely made my list had I chosen a cornerback. My thinking was that the team would use the final pre-season game as a chance for Fassitt to get some quality reps and prove he's good enough.

Are you surprised or shocked by any of these cuts? Talk about it.