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Three Current Camp Concerns

Things have been going pretty darn well so far during this years training camp and most news from the frontlines has been positive. But there have been a few troubling aspects that, while early, could be cause for concern down the road. I've attempted to pinpoint some of the current lowlights that have arisen thus far in camp and that, hopefully, fans won't look back on in anger. Feel free continue the conversation and to voice your own concerns in the comment section.

Missing Malcolm

This holdout is starting to put a bit of a scare in me and if things gets even uglier, Jenkins could miss a buttload of time that would put him just too far behind - Payton has said he's already missed three installations. Fans have been excited all off-season about the talent Jenkins could immediately bring to the Saints secondary; some even touting that he would easily be a starter. While I don't agree with that logic, MJ would at least offer depth at a position the Saints were once weakest but are now pretty strong. Because, God forbid, injuries plague the defense again, it would be nice to have a guy like Jenkins to fall back on instead of someone like, say, Aaron Glenn. Otherwise, the Saints could be no better off than last year as the team continues to give up big plays. 

The Ghost of Dan Morgan

The Times-Pic staff still have Shanle as the Saints starting WLB based on the reps they've seen so far at training camp. Since I haven't heard much about any of the competition at linebacker - it's always about receivers, running backs and cornerbacks - or any over-the-top, rave reviews about the second or third string linebackers thus far, I can't help but feel the Saints are in no better position than last year. Anthony Waters, Jonathan Casillas and Jo-Lon Dunbar have drawn only slight attention from the media; Dunbar most recently for riding a bike during practice. But I haven't heard enough positive hyperbole to warrant my thinking that this will be the year they unseat the unseatable. Another lousy season from the defense and fans could surely point to a stagnant, unimproved linebacking corp as the reason.  


Here We Go Again

Things aren't looking so great for poor Adrian right now and the clock is ticking. Last year a toe injury ended his season after showing some promise during camp. Now he's dealing with a hamstring injury that was worse than he thought. Truth is, the Saints would probably still be fine without him thanks to the depth they've got at receiver but I was personally looking forward to complete aerial domination by Brees and the Gang this season. Not having Arrington puts a slight wrinkle in that plan. So chalk this one up more as a personal disappointment rather than a possible cause for total season meltdown. Losing Arrington this early again, however, would be eerily reminiscent of last year and could foreshadow the looming possibility of another injury plagued season for the Saints. If you're the superstitious type.