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Could a New Deal for Eli Finally Mean the Same for Jenkins?

Eli Manning is now the big man on campus. The New Orleans native just landed the fattest contract in the league when he will sign a 6-year deal worth $97 million dollars, $35 million guaranteed. But now that the details of Eli's new agreement have been hammered out, does this mean we could see some progress with the Malcolm Jenkins holdout?

Eli's agent happens to be none other than Tom Condon of Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the same agency representing first round holdout Malcolm Jenkins. If Tommy boy is getting the league maximum 3% agent comission on Manning's deal, than he just scored himself a cool $2.9 million. Perhaps this means he'll be that much more conciliatory now when dealing with the Saints. And since he's done catering to his high-profile quarterback clientele, he may be able to focus more on the Jenkins front and concentrate on getting it done. He could at least acknowledge a Loomis fax or two.

I'm hoping we'll here something soon now.