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Saints Training Camp Update: Day Seven


reggie_bush No grind no shine! Todays a new hustle! Let's go!

MalcolmJenkins yooo twitter was trippin earlier... i had no way to share my boredom with the world lol

jeffduncantp ESPN @ Saints hotel today shooting intros for MNF. Word is they are doing some crazy visual graphics.

jeffduncantp Rickey Jackson & Dalton Hilliard visited media room. Both will be at prax. Jackson jabbed ESPN's Pat Yasinskas for wearing a Penn State cap.

jeffduncantp Pat quickly offered to take the PSU hat off. Smart man

reggie_bush Practice Conditions: 100 degrees plus humidity, full gear, sore body, bad headache Put "Lil Wayne-money on my mind" in and let's get it!

jeffduncantp NFL officials arrived @ Saints camp today. Will work Thurs./Fri. practices. Referee Carl Johnson is among them.

MalcolmJenkins just got done working out... it was kinda hot today but a lil heat aint never hurt nobody (not really) 

jeffduncantp Just talked to Gruden. Very high on Saints. JG: "I really think that with the additions that they've made that they have a real chance. "

jeffduncantp Gruden on Saints: "They've added some pieces this year to their team that I think are going to make them real hard to deal with."

jeffduncantp Prax update: Mike Bell bruised hip. Will be evaluated. No other injuries to report   

therealJShock the fans were great today! thx for all the support... Even the Military came out to watch... see you guys tom early in the am

jeffduncantp Saints worked on some 3-4 today. McCray, J. Charleston, T. Evans & J. Dunbar took turns at stand-up OLB   


Spicer Provides Tremendous Flavor to D Line Depth - New Orleans Saints official website 

"The CFL was a humbling experience," said Spicer, "but I was upbeat because I knew I could make it in the NFL after my time with Seattle. The CFL still is football, and I wanted to make a living out of playing the game that I love."

-Paul Spicer

"Being cut is never going to be a good feeling," said Spicer, "but ultimately when I was playing against the best, I knew I could hold my own. So, I just worked my butt off to make it."

-Paul Spicer

"When you’re on the bubble of making a team," continued Spicer, "having an injury in camp basically guarantees getting cut."

-Paul Spicer

"It was a great honor because it tells you something about the man," Spicer said, "because it is fellow teammates voting for that prestigious award. I have never acted better than anyone, and I try to treat everyone from the kitchen staff to the owner with the same level of respect that each person deserves."

-Paul Spicer, on the Ed Block Courage Award

"It was hard leaving Jacksonville," said Spicer. "I didn’t want to leave, but when Coach Jack Del Rio called, I told him I appreciated my opportunity there. I said my good-byes and moved on. I had planned on retiring there and living the rest of my life there, but it just didn’t work out that way."

-Paul Spicer

"There’s total commitment here toward that goal," said Spicer. "Being here, I see that the whole team is on the same page and focused together about getting to the Super Bowl."

-Paul Spicer

"Every game the fans will see me give my all, bust my butt, and will my body to its absolute limits on every play."

-Paul Spicer


 For NFL players, it's tweet at your own risk - Times-Pic

"I'd already stopped before training camp," he said. "I'm definitely going to stay off of it now. I sure can't afford $2,500."

-Chip Vaughn


 New Orleans Saints cornerbacks capitalizing on Malcolm Jenkins' absence - Times-Pic

"I'm loving it," Jones said as the Saints went through their sixth day of practice without Jenkins on Wednesday. "The coaches have let us know that when Jenkins comes in, things are going to change, so I'm taking advantage of right now, going as hard as I can on every play."

-Reggie Jones

"I haven't been displeased with anybody," Allen said. "Jason's always had good ball skills and the ability to make plays on the ball, and he's really been battling and making some plays.

"Leigh has that instinct and toughness, and he's done a really good job. They all understand the business and know that this is their chance to get true evaluation."

-Dennis Allen

"I'm following what's going on with Malcolm," Torrence said. "And we definitely need guys like him in here to help the team.

"But I'm more worried about what I've got to do to make myself better so that I make this team, too. If you're able to add to the formula, especially on special teams, which I pride myself on, they're going to find a spot for you."

-Leigh Torrence

"The competition is fierce out there, but that's part of the business," he said. "And the longer you stay, the more you understand the business of this game.

"Part of that is not worrying about putting yourself against the other guys at your position, but making yourself one of the best 53 players on the team. The more you show, the better off you are."

-Jason David 


 New Orleans Saints reach 11th practice of training camp - Times-Pic

Nothing new to report on the Malcolm Jenkins negotiations, whose now into Day 8 of his contract dispute, tying him with Devery Henderson (2004) for the longest rookie holdout under Saints GM Mickey Loomis.


Hokie: Hamilton may be the Saints back to "plow through people" - WWL

"It's way too early to say right now. I think they are still trying to figure it out. I'm pretty sure they are pretty well set on Pierre Thomas being their starting back," Hokie said. "Then again, it takes a little bit different breed of cat to be that 3rd and one or 3rd and two type of back. That guy that on 4th and inches that you gotta get it... you just gotta be a bull back there and hit that line of scrimmage and just plow through people."  

-Hokie Gajan


 New Orleans Saints Aug. 6 practice report - Times-Pic

Video: Kincaid: Brees has special practice- WWL



New Orleans Saints training camp video log, Day 8 (Aug. 6, 2009)