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2009 Saints Training Camp: Best and Worst of Week One

Week one of 2009 Saints training camp is in the books which means we are that much closer to actually playing some real football that counts. I figured what better way to recap the week that was than by offering my own "Best and Worst" list of what we've seen and heard so far. Of course this is open to comments, criticism and further discussion. If you're interested in reviewing any of this weeks events, be sure to check out Da Chronic's archives to find any training camp update or Fleur-di-Links posts.

Player of the Week

Robert Meachem has been having a lights out camp and living up to the expectation. It's only taken him three years to finally prove his worth as a first round draft pick but hey, better late than never. I enjoy thinking about the power house that will be the Saints receiving corp this upcoming season with Meachem firing on all cylinders and the usual talent around him.

Runner-up - Reggie Bush


Play of the Week

Mike Bell putting his head down, knocking down Mark Simoneau and running him over during a carry up the middle. 

Runner-up - Jabari Greer's interception of Brees, the first of training camp. 


Most Pleasant Surprise

We were all hoping to see a running back step up and grab a hold of that third spot on the depth chart and it appears Mike Bell is making the most of his opportunity. Bell has consistently been mentioned this week with his impressive practice performances. The battle at running back is still tight with Hamilton, Hill and Donaldson but if Mike continues to shine, he should be a lock to make the final roster. Just hope his bruised hip isn't really a big deal.

Runner-up - The lack of injuries so far. 


Most Underrated Player

Jabari Greer has garnered  a smidgen of attention from fans and media this week but still not enough in my estimation. I truly believe Greer will prove to be this years biggest off-season defensive addition by season's end. We will praise his name. 

Runner-up - Carl Nicks


Haven't Heard Much About...

DeMario Pressley was impressing everyone and garnering heaps of praise last year until he was injured early in camp. This year, we haven't heard much, if anything, about the fifth round draft pick. He might still have what it takes to make the team but I was certainly expecting a little more from him this training camp. 

Runner-up - Usama Young's transition to safety. 


Hearing Too Much About...

The Malcolm Jenkins contract holdout. Please just let it end. 

Runner-up - Gregg Williams and the new defensive culture. 


Biggest Disappointment Thus Far

Adrian Arrington builds us up, buttercup, just to let us down. His hamstring injury seems to be improving but if you feel the same as me, you're a little worried he's never going to live up to the hype because nagging injuries will always hamper him. He needs to get healthy this week and return to the field quickly, otherwise his chances of cracking the lineup in an already crowded and talented wide receiver battle will drop significantly. 

Runner-up - Practices being closed due to weather, including the Black & Gold scrimmage. 


Whose Job is in Trouble

My early pick to get a visit from The Turk is tight end Mark Campbell. I don't think he has a snoball's chance in New Orleans to make this team behind Shockey, Miller and Darnell Dinkins. Dinkins, an off-season veteran acquisition has been impressing coaches this week, particularly with his blocking. 

Runner-up - Glenn Pakulak


Most Depressing Article or Blog Post

Ed Daniels' piece on Daniels tells it like it is and puts everything in perspective, making sure we all know that it's only August. While I applaud his cautious optimism, it sucks when it's not coming from me. I invented cautious optimism, Daniels. Let's leave it to the pros. 


Weirdest Article or Blog Post

This one's gotta go to Hakim Drops the Ball for their faux scene set in a Russian bath house, co-starring Jeremy Shockey and Thomas Morstead. It includes male nudity. 'Nuff said. 


Tweet of the Week

MalcolmJenkins yooo twitter was trippin earlier... i had no way to share my boredom with the world lol    

Quote of the Week

"Hey, great punt new guy!" - a fan, at Thomas Morstead following a 70-yard punt. - Times-Pic    

Fun Fact of the Week

The Saints seem to have already had more interceptions in training camp this year than they had all of last years training camp. 

Runner-up - Kenny Chesney will not be attending camp this year. 


What to Look Forward to Next Week

Returning receivers. Coach Payton said in a press conference that Lance Moore should be taking off the red jersey as early as this weekend. Moore is a great training camp player who makes the most of his opportunities. Hopefully, Arrington will also be healthy enough next week to remind us why we were all excited about him at this time last year.