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Saints Training Camp Update: Day Eight


therealJShock some serious heat outside today!! wear your sunblock and drink up...

reggie_bush Have you ever been so hungry that your stomach feels like it's touching your back? Man I would destroy a In-N-Out Burger right now! LMAO!!!

therealJShock everyone try to make it to our scrimmage tomm!! think it starts at 230 should be fun.. We all are putting in hard work and long hours..   

CSCtweet @therealJShock The Black and Gold Scrimmage has been closed to the public. Wish we could!    

JeremyShockey sorry peps its closed!!! guess you will have to wait for the cincy    

jeffduncantp Injury update from morning: Brown/Goodwin, heat-related. Not serious. Sharper lower leg, knee or hammy. No official report on Sharper yet.

jeffduncantp Just finished with annual rules session with NFL officials. Not a lot of major changes this year. Most conspicuous: No more wedges on KOR.   

jeffduncantp Just finished with annual rules session with NFL officials. Not a lot of major changes this year. Most conspicuous: No more wedges on KOR.    

jeffduncantpInjury updates per Payton: Sharper has a busted bursa sac in his right knee. Not serious. Gay expected to return to practice on Monday.    

jeffduncantpSix Saints will be held out of Black & Gold scrimmage on Saturday: D. Campbell, A. Arrington, R. Bush, L. Moore, D. Sharper, & R. Gay    


Saints: Friday Morning Practice Report -

"We've been practicing pretty hard," said Saints running back Reggie Bush. "(The scrimmage) will be a good chance to see where we're at and to gauge ourselves."

-Reggie Bush


Training Camp, Day 8: Release of the Wildcat! Bush rests...and more - WWL

Kristian: Hargrove says he has "to get it right" with the Saints - WWL

"I had about 17 months to get my act together, I had to admit a lot of things, and I did."

-Anthony Hargrove


Deke: TE Billy Miller wants that ring - WWL

"This game is all about opportunities. When you get an opportunity to make plays, you have to make them. Whether you're a ten year veteran or a rookie, if you're called on you have to make the play."

-Billy Miller

"I don't pay attention to numbers. While the season is going on, I don't look at how many catches I have, I just worry about getting better. I just want to win a Super Bowl ring. I don't care if I catch two passes or two hundred. I just want to win a ring!"

-Billy Miller

"I think it's amazing how he spreads the ball around. That's what makes him such a great quarterback. He does not look for one guy. He doesn't telegraph his passes. Drew looks for the open guy and we all go out and try and make the play."

-Billy Miller

"I want to work on pass protection. Defensive Ends in the league are so much bigger and faster now days. I have to be ready to take on some of the best in the game every Sunday."

-Billy Miller

"No offense to what we had here last year, but it's night and day. It's very competitive out there every day. I can remember a time when it was a little easier for us to go out there on offense and move the ball against our defense. It has become a challenge for us to do that now."

-Billy Miller 


Video: Henderson: Could Harrington be challenging for the No. 2 QB spot? - WWL

Day Eight Practice Notebook - New Orleans Saints official website

Greer Challenging All Comers - New Orleans Saints official website

"I am just used to cooling down with some stretches that I think help the muscles," Greer remarked, "It helps keep the legs fresh for the afternoon workouts."

-Jabari Greer

"I want more," Greer said of the interceptions. "I go out every single practice with the goal of getting interceptions, breaking up passes and making plays. That’s what I expect of myself and what I want my teammates to expect of me."

-Jabari Greer

"There are not too many, if any, quarterbacks that are as good as Drew Brees. There is a reason he is so good and that’s because he works so hard and studies so hard. So if I want to be one of the best at my position, doesn’t it just make sense that to get to that level that I need to work against the best every single day?"

-Jabari Greer

"I will gladly walk up to them in the locker room after practice and congratulate them if they make a play on me in practice," Greer said. "But not on the field. That’s competition and I’m out there to prevent them for doing what they are trying to do. I take it seriously and will battle."

-Jabari Greer

"He is a guy that makes a competition out of everything. I think he even tries to stretch better than the next guy."

-Jabari Greer, on Robert Meachem

"When you line up and play together, things start to become second nature and you know exactly where your teammates are going to be," he said. "That’s why we are out here in 100 degree heat and busting our butts. I can assure you that there are a lot easier training camps in the NFL to be a part of compared to this. But, we know we are doing this for a reason. This is hard, hard work. Tedious, tiring and grueling. But, at the same time, are we getting better? Yes, no doubt in my mind."

-Jabari Greer


New Orleans Saints break out "Wildcat" formation at morning practice - Times-Pic

 Practice and heat take toll on three New Orleans Saints players - Times-Pic

 New Orleans Saints quarterback Joey Harrington shines in morning practice - Times-Pic

"I feel like I'm starting to get to the point, prior to the snap, where I'm understanding the intricate details of the installations,'' Harrington said. "I'm starting to feel real comfortable, you know, where things are slowing down for me.''

-Joey Harrington


 New Orleans Saints training camp Friday photo gallery - Times-Pic

Deke: STC Day 8/Practice 1 - WWL

Tavern talk: Worst game managers - National Football Post

5. Sean Payton: Sean doesn’t mismanage games as much as he lacks an ability to close them out. Last year, the Saints lost five games by a combined total of 13 points. Losing too many close games will cause you to re-evaluate how you approach game management. If the Saints excel in this area this year, they might be hosting a NFC Championship game. If they improve in this area, they will be tough to beat with that offense.

Jim Henderson: Saints going to the Super Bowl - WWL

"I think the Saints are going to win the Super Bowl, put it right there, Deke," 




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