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Canal Street Chronicles: Fleur-di-Links 8.8.09


SupaFreak69 To Saints nation thank u for all the luv.. I neva expected it would be like tis...thank u soo much I will not let u down...Who Dat

saints83 Mans best friend in training camp is....... The cold tub.

SupaFreak69 Tomorrow is the scrimmage can't wait. Just got the Google mytouch..time to study

reggie_bush So Ive reached over 9 thousand friends and I just wanna say thanx to all the people following me. I enjoy reading all your comments! G-Night

reggie_bush P.S But we have a ways to go! I need to get to Shaq status! Lol!

saints83 Everyday is a blessing from God never forget that.   


Agents for New Orleans Saints rookie Malcolm Jenkins get another deal done ... just not his - Times-Pic

 Infusion of youth boosts New Orleans Saints' depth at defensive tackle - Times-Pic


During team drills in the morning workout, defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis deflected a pass at the line of scrimmage thrown by quarterback Drew Brees. The ball popped high in the air and ended up in the hands of weakside linebacker Scott Shanle for an interception. Left defensive end Charles Grant applied pressure from the outside.


Louisiana heat makes things rough on New Orleans Saints - Times-Pic

 Superdome adding to bronze look, but work on exterior won't affect game experience - Times-Pic

"This will not impact any events, " Superdome spokesman Bill Curl said. "The work is on the exterior of the building. The equipment and materials will not impede the ability of the fans to get to the Superdome."

- Bill Curl, Superdome spokesman


 Darren Sharper, Reggie Bush among New Orleans Saints to sit out Black and Gold Scrimmage on Saturday - Times-Pic

 New Orleans Saints are $6 million under NFL's salary cap - Times-Pic

 New Orleans Saints' Drew Brees can thank Eli Manning when he gets big new contract - Times-Pic

"Hey, he deserves it," Saints quarterback Drew Brees said Friday after yet another scorching training-camp workout. "Four straight years in the playoffs, Super Bowl champs. He's done a great job up there. I'm happy for him."

-Drew Brees, on Eli Manning

"I understand how this business works and how this industry is," Brees said when asked about the possibility of a long-term contract extension.

"For quarterbacks and coaches, it's about going to the playoffs and it's about winning champions and wins and losses. None of that other stuff matters. That's what I'm here for.

"I'm not even thinking about an extension. You can't think about those things right now. Do I hope it happens at some point? Absolutely. Because I love it here. I love this team, and I love this organization."

-Drew Brees 


New Orleans Saints backup quarterback Mark Brunell calls on a wealth of experience when he steps on the field - Times-Pic

"Every guy on this team would like to be playing; every guy in a supporting role would like to be in there, " Brunell said. "But we are at our best when No. 9 is in there, without a doubt."

-Mark Brunell

"You're talking about a great mentor in so many ways, " Brees said. "This will be his 17th (NFL) season. He's started so many games, started so many big games. He's played a lot of football at a very high level. He's been to conference championship games before, been to Pro Bowls; he's done all those things. He's played in a lot of interesting systems with a lot of great coaches. There's just a wealth of knowledge that I can draw from.

"First of all, we're very good friends. In the offseason, we hunt, play golf, go out to eat, have beers. Mark is one of those guys -- God forbid something happens to me -- but if he's in there, I've got all the confidence in the world that he can lead us to victory and win games for us. I know that everybody in that locker room feels that way, too. Plus, his teammates like him. They see how hard he works; they see how he carries himself. He's just a solid guy."

-Drew Brees

"The reason why older players stay in the league is because they know who they are, they know their roles, they know their strengths and their limitations, " Payton said. "And Mark Brunell knows who he is. "He still loves to play the game. He loves to be around the guys. He loves to be around the locker room. He just loves the game. They'll have to run him off. He won't quit playing until all 32 teams say he can't play anymore. I believe he can still play, or he wouldn't be here."

-Sean Payton

"Being the backup is not a bad gig, " Brunell said, smiling. "It's either being a backup or not playing football. There weren't a lot of teams calling me and saying, 'Hey, come be our starter.' So it was either be a backup, which I welcome with open arms, as opposed to what I would be doing. I'd be coaching Little League. Nothing wrong with that, but I still get a chance to play the game."

-Mark Brunell

"Hey, No. 9's pretty good now, " Brunell said. "He's up there with the best. He's up there with Tom (Brady), up there with Peyton (Manning). No question. He's a professional through and through.

"Now I've had the good fortune to see Drew from up close. But from the locker room, to the film room, to game preparation, to being around his teammates, to his execution, obviously his numbers speak for themselves; I think he's the best in the league.

"I want everything this game has to offer for him. I want him to win Super Bowl after Super Bowl, and if I could be part of that, that would be really cool. I'm a huge Drew Brees fans. I'm really looking forward to him reaching all of his goals, which is the same goal for this team, and that's to win the big one."

-Mark Brunell

"I've been around the block a few times, " Brunell said. "That's where a lot of my confidence comes from. I've been out there in big games, in pressure situations. I've had success. I've put some numbers up and won some games.

"That's part of the reason why I'm here. That's why Coach (Payton) likes veteran backups like myself and Joey Harrington; we've been out there before. We're not just out of college. We've been in a lot of football games."

-Mark Brunell


 'Anonymous' Carmichael has Saints' respect - The Advocate

"He’s a great offensive coach," said Brees, who worked with Carmichael in San Diego and signed with New Orleans as a free agent in 2006, just weeks after newly hired Payton had hired Carmichael. "It meant so much for me to have a familiar face around. We just worked so well together.

"He’s a guy who’s really paid his dues. He has gained a lot of respect from everybody on the team, especially us quarterbacks. It’s a great dynamic in our quarterback room, and it’s very conducive to learning. He’s constantly challenging us and helping us to prepare to play well on Sundays."

-Drew Brees, on Pete Carmichael, Jr.

"That just shows you what other coaches around the league think about Pete: He’s highly regarded," Brees said. "He chose to stay here, and I think that was a big reason why Sean knew that we needed to lock him up, because other coaches were coming to grab him away."

- Drew Brees 

"This is the place I wanted to be," Carmichael said. "It worked out just as I wanted it to. Coach said that if ever there was an opportunity, if that position became available, he would give me that opportunity, and he did."

-Pete Carmichael, Jr.

"I always had a passion for football," Carmichael said. "I just felt like when I got to college I had a better chance to continue my baseball-playing career. But I had always missed it and I always knew I wanted to get back into it."

-Pete Carmichael, Jr.

"He’s very talented," Payton said. "He works very hard at it, is very diligent and very thorough. He’s a huge asset for me, and I have a lot of trust in him.

"Today for example, practice is ending, the staff is meeting at the hotel, and Pete’s running the meeting. I’m not there. That happens a lot."

-Sean Payton

"We want to get better at running the ball," Carmichael said. "We have a challenge to run the ball better, and we’re going to work on that. We want to get better at finishing games. No. 1 (in offense) doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the playoffs. That’s the ultimate goal."

-Pete Carmichael, Jr. | Saints | Analyst Gruden getting to know N.O. - The Advocate

Saints: Friday afternoon practice notes - 

Saints to hamburger taste test for fans at training camp -

Video: Henderson: Pierre Thomas, Joey Harrington get work at QB - WWL

Deke: Things to listen for in Black & Gold Scrimmage - WWL

Sports - Kristian: STC Day 8 / Practice 2 - WWL

Arrington's time running low with Saints - WWLTV

"It’s frustrating, especially being a competitor," Arrington said. "Even when they took me out (Monday), I still tried to get out there but they wouldn’t let me, which is the smart thing to do."

-Adrian Arrington

"I definitely want to make the 53-man roster," Arrington said. "But I just want to be able to be on this team where if I didn’t make the 53 and I was on the practice squad if a receiver went down through the course of the season, I want to be the guy they have confidence in so they can pull off the practice squad."

-Adrian Arrington


Aggressive defense is toned down in camp - New Orleans Pro Football

La. studio in dispute with some Saints investors - Sun Herald



WWL's Sports Talk







Sean Payton Press Conference Transcript

From the New Orleans Saints official website

Opening Statement:

"From a scheduling standpoint, I wanted to back off a little bit this afternoon and we got our special teams walkthrough in. With the scrimmage tomorrow, we just called it up and tried to get these guys off their feet for the latter part of today and get them some rest. Tomorrow's format with the scrimmage will be the first offense against the second defense for about eight to ten plays, then we'll have a kicking game, then the first defense against the second offense for about eight to ten plays. We'll let the drives continue and then and then the kicking game. Then the third offense against the third defense and the kicking game and then we'll go back to the top with the ones versus the ones, twos versus twos, threes versus threes and we'll try to get our special teams work done between each of the rolls. We'll see how we're doing with the heat and the weather and we'll be flexible there.

"Overall, I thought this morning was pretty good. I think they're handling the installations well. We're giving them a lot and I'm sure after this weekend they'll be looking forward to getting into a preseason schedule with another opponent."

Will you be holding anyone out tomorrow?

"Right now, I'll probably hold out Darren SharperLance Moore, probably Reggie Bush - we'll see - Adrian Arrington, Dan CampbellScott Fujita will be back; he went for a funeral. Randall GayI'm going to hold out. He'll be back to practice on Monday."

What's happening with Sharper?

"He has a little bursar right behind his knee. It's not serious at all, it just kind of got aggravated the other day. It's nothing that we're really concerned with, and yet I want to give him some rest. I want to see how it looks tomorrow, but really that's it."

What was the race at the end of practice about?

"Periodically we come up with a couple of these challenges and I'm always anxious to see which side the players favor. We made sure the video guys got a chance to get all the numbers of who was on the right and the left because it was for an extra half-hour at bedcheck for a later date. Those guys did a pretty good job running; no injuries, which was good."

Was there anything to Jammal Brown and Jonathan Goodwin leaving practice this morning?

"It was the heat. I know Jammal's stomach was upset - I'm sure it was heat-related - but they'll be fine."

Do you have any thoughts on the ruling regarding the Louisiana tax credits and the group potentially getting their money back?

"I wasn't aware of it, but that's good news. There are a few people that keep us up to speed. There were so many players and coaches that were involved in it and eventually when something happens, we get wind of it down the road. I really haven't paid attention to it right now but I'm hopeful for everyone that we get the issue resolved."