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Pierre Thomas' Knee Injury Suspicious

Ummm...something just doesn't feel right about this whole story behind the cut on Pierre Thomas' knee. Jeff Duncan thinks something is fishy too...

And while you're at, call me skeptical about the Thomas 'dog chase' story, as well.    

What took so long for the team to tell us the cause of Pierre's cut? And while we're at it, what exactly are the Vegas odds that a football player with a right knee injury suffers a small laceration on that same knee about the size expected needed to perform arthroscopic surgery?  Just wondering. 

Somebody else in the New Orleans media had the same idea when they asked Payton during yesterdays press conference...

Is a scope a possibility with him?    

Payton denied that as a possibility. 

It certainly wouldn't surprise me if Payton wasn't telling the truth and if a scope already was performed. And if it is true, lets hope it was for informational purposes only and the diagnosis came back good. Otherwise, it could mean we might be waiting a little while before we see Pierre back on the football field. 

Whatever is going on, the most important thing is not to push Thomas into returning too quickly. That would make matters worse.