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Just wanted to take a quick moment to let all of you guys know about the huge goings on around here at SB Nation. You may have already noticed the "Network Alert" at the top right of your webpage and checked it out for yourself. But if you haven't, and even if you have, allow me to quickly update you.

For a long time, has simply been a directory of all our wonderful sports blogs. Chances are, you never even knew it existed. It's okay to admit it. Well those days are no more, because SB Nation's homepage is now on the leading edge of sports websites. SB has been redesigned to become a real time news network where you can find all the latest on every major sport, just like the big boys. 

But you know they wouldn't stop there. Because it was created by the same geniuses behind Canal Street Chronicles and the rest of SB Nation's blogs, it's got to be one step ahead of the game. Every current story is updated constantly, called a Story Stream, by the SB Nation editorial staff with the latest from around the web, not just our blogs. Go check out how it's done. It's the latest and the greatest. Of course, you can also comment on anything. 

So forget about ESPN and all of those other guys; you don't need them anymore. If you want the best Saints website, it's right here. And if you want up-to-the-minute news about anything happening in the sports world, just check It will be there. Hell, make it your home page. And by all means, tell your friends.