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Will Smith and Charles Grant to be Suspended by League...Finally

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has the latest and greatest, or not so great, news regarding the StarCaps situation. Apparently, Minnesota defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams have won their appeal against the leagues suspensions. Will Smith and Charles Grant? Not so much. 

The short answer to the obvious question of "What the hell does that mean?" is that Vikings defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams will not be suspended four games after testing positive in 2008 for a prescription diuretic that also is a banned substance, and that Saints defensive ends Charles Grant and Will Smith will be suspended for testing positive for the same substance, which secretly had been added to an over-the-counter weight-loss supplement known as StarCaps.    

So the Williams' are getting out of this whole situation with no penalty but Charles and Will don't? Hardly seems fair that being right and being wrong is determined by which state you live in. The good news is that the possibility of Grant and Smith serving their suspensions separately, so that the Saints are not without both of them for four games, is still out there. 

If you're really interested or one of those lawyer types, here is a .pdf of the full ruling