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Detroit Lions 27 @ New Orleans Saints 45: The View from Section 140 (Now with Pictures!)

Week one for the Saints is in the books and they're off to a good start. While I am happy with the win, there were still quite a few mistakes that needed to get cleaned up. Just like after the Oakland Raider pre-season game, I urge Saints fans to remain cautiously optimistic. This was Detroit.

Here is a quick rundown of my notes from the game. Use this thread for all your pos-game thoughts. I will post pictures from the game later.

  • It was a very rainy afternoon today as fans made their way into the Superdome. I am so grateful that the Saints play indoors.
  • My new seats are right behind the famous fan "Voodoo Man."
  • The defensive starters were announced during introductions before the game.
  • I don't mean to toot my own horn but earlier this week when I discussed the keys to today's game my two players to watch were Mike Bell and Darren Sharper. Both had good games. Please hold the applause.
  • Mike Bell lived up to all the hype. Which is good because Reggie just couldn't get it done between the tackles. Obviously, he needs to clean up the fumble situation but I think he can carry the load if we need him. Insert "Ring My Bell" music. I missed a chance to take a picture of Mike Bell doing the pee-pee dance off the field after what looked like an injury only a man could get.
  • Much better play from the safeties already this season. Sharper, obviously, with his double interceptions. Harper laid the wood on a running back in the backfield.
  • I'll skip any talk about Drew Brees. He sucked out there today.
  • On the subject of the running game, I was so glad to see Payton stick with the run game. Here is a stat I never thought I'd see: Run plays - 35 Pass plays - 34. Talk about balance. Good play calling.
  • Jeremy Shockey has started this year off with a bang. He snagged his first and second touchdowns in a Saint uniform. On Shockey's first touchdown, it appeared as if Drew could have easily run it in himself but wanted to get that monkey off Shockey's back early.
  • A couple of injury scares today. First Jermon Bushrod missed some time, then Tracy Porter was slow to get up. Fortunately, both made their way back into the game.
  • The referee's microphone was turned down too low so I never heard one penalty call or ruling the entire afternoon. Like the woman behind me at the game said, "This is the NFL. Can't they get that fixed?"
  • I've got to say, one of the bright spots of the afternoon was the play of punter Thomas Morstead. He looked great! His punting was excellent and his kickoffs were equally impressive. I think we've got our kickoff specialist.
  • I'm reaching my breaking point with Will Smith and Charles Grant. I'm honestly starting to hope they do get suspended. Where the hell is the pass rush? In my opinion, Gregg Williams and Bill Johnson still have a lot of work to do with the front four. Anthony Hargrove is the only positive.
  • Reggie, Reggie, Reggie. Not his best game by any means. He muffed a punt, couldn't run it between the tackles, nearly fumbled and was just disappointing in general. I don't know if they showed it on television but he slammed his helmet on the ground and broke it as he walked toward the bench following his muffed punt.
  • Meachem looked pretty decent on kick returns. I would still like to see Rod Harper dress and maybe take those. I definitely want to see Harper returning punts. If this was pre-season, Bush would have lost that job today.
  • Dave Thomas looked pretty strong making a catch while getting hit and holding on to the ball.
  • I forgot how much I like Lance Moore, having not seen him all pre-season. Those two leaping catches he made in traffic over the middle were spectacular. Drew throws the ball to a spot he knows only Lance will come down with it. Wonderful.
  • Special teams need to clean it up, big time. Sloppy tackling, blocked kicks and, of course, Reggie.
  • Colston had a case of the stone hands this afternoon.
  • Detroit's play immediately following Tracy Porter's injury was a big pass completion to Calvin Johnson. Unfortunately, I think the drop off between the Saints starting cornerbacks and second team guys is significant.
  • Matt Stafford definitely looked like a rookie. Some underthrown balls, a few overthrows. One pass in the fourth quarter could have easily been a touchdown and made the game closer had Stafford been more accurate.

First family photo op.

Rita, being her entertaining self.

The mic is right by my seat. Can you guys hear me on television?

Payton getting his flag ready to be pulled at an inopportune moment's notice.

The Beer Man!

Such a big production.

Kickoff 2009

I think it's cool that they always sit in the same order that they play on line.

Bushrod getting looked at.

Always one for the fellas.

Shockey offering condolences for an inconsolable Reggie Bush following his muffed punt. Buddies.

The Southern University marching band doing a tribute to Michael Jackson. It was very good.

The refs screwing some call up.

Payton having a chat with the referees.

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