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New Orleans Saints 48 @ Philadelphia Eagles 22: Now Can We Get Some Respect?

All week we've had to listen to Eagles fans underestimate the Saints and the improvements they've made as a team this off-season. In fact, a lot of people in the world of football haven't thought too much of the Saints despite evidence to the contrary right in front of their face. And that's understandable given the Saints penchant for underachieving, as in years past.

But the Saints just hung nearly fifty points on the talented defense of the NFC powerhouse Philadelphia Eagles and it will be hard for the pundits to ignore the black and gold now. If you are what your record says you are, then the Saints are undefeated, baby.

We've got to be pretty happy about the direction this team is going. As long as injuries don't kill them.

Make the jump for my bulleted notes.

  • The other most important stat of the day: Saints +3 in the turnover battle. That will do it every time.
  • The Saints opened the game with a lot of tight end work. In fact, the only pass to a wide receiver in the first drive was the scoring play to Marques Colston.
  • I have been very impressed with Thomas Morstead. Today's game proved his worth.
  • I still think the Wildcat is gimmicky and stupid.
  • Anthony Hargrove got to sit in first class on the flight to Philly, something the Saints do to reward players. Hargrove had another solid game today though it would have been nice to see him get that interception he wound up bobbling for an hour. I think he deserved it.
  • The only one thing that really worries me following today's game is the injury to Mike Bell and the future of the running game. Bell has been listed with a knee strain and will be getting an MRI tomorrow. Pierre is not ready yet and Reggie is not the same type of runner. If Bell's injury is serious, does Hamilton get the nod? Everything has been going so well, I would hate to see the Saints lose that wonderfully balanced offense they've been able to finally create.
  • Also worrisome on the injury front, though not nearly as serious a situation, is Lance Moore. He left the game with a hamstring injury says the New Orleans Saints official website.
  • For the most part special teams was improved after last week. No muffed punts, no blocked field goals, only one big return given up and a forced fumble created. Still room for improvement however.
  • How about Devery Henderson? We got a little flashback of the old Devery when he dropped a ball, but he more than made up for it with that over the shoulder grab while having his jersey pulled. He's having a great season and I can just feel his concentration out there on the field. Remember last year when everyone wanted to trade him? Now he's actually worth something and I wouldn't get rid of him over anyone.
  • Ballerina. That is Heath Evans' new nickname. For the second week in a row Evans has scored by tip toeing gingerly along the sideline and squeaking into the end zone. I said it last week and I'll say it again: I don't think Mike Karney could have done that.
  • Malcolm Jenkins was a stud on special teams. He was responsible for jarring the ball lose on the kickoff, setting the tone for the rest of the game, and he broke through a double team to make that huge hit on the punt return.
  • Credit the Saints offensive line today. They didn't keep Brees completely clean but they definitely held their own against a tough Philadelphia defensive front.
  • The Saints definitely got some help from the refs in this one. Stinchcomb never got flagged for a pretty obvious hold. Heath Evans' foot may have been touching the sideline. Wouldn't have changed the outcome of the game.
  • The Saints were a second half team today. Check out the stats after the first half. Pretty dead even.

New Orleans Philadelphia
Total Yards 246 250
Passing 190 190
Rushing 56 60
Time of Possession 15:07 14:53
  • I think we saw a lot more in the pressure department from the Saints this week. They weren't hitting the hell out of Kolb but they were definitely screwing up his timing. Give credit to Kolb for hanging in there and actually making some nice passes with defenders in his face. A little bit quicker and the Saints pass attack should be where we would like it to be.
  • Reggie continues to be enigmatic. He looked god awful on punt returns. In fact, we haven't seen anything this year in the return game like we saw from Reggie last season. He also looked like crap trying to carry the ball out of the end zone late in the game, though the blocking was crap as well. But then he goes and takes one to the house by running between the tackles. Who the hell knows. I give up.
  • There also appeared to be a miscommunication between Reggie and Drew on a couple of swing passes. The first one looked like Brees just had to rush it but the second probably should have been completed.
  • And what the hell is with that one play to Pierre Thomas? What is even the point?
  • The Eagles didn't do themselves any favors today, getting flagged often on special teams and giving the Saints better field position a number of times.
  • Hats off to Scott Shanle. Second career interception in two consecutive games. Shanle looks like he may be evidence of Gregg Williams' ability to get more out of players than other coaches can.
  • Not that the play made that much of a different but who is lovin' them some Darren Sharper?
  • An interception by Tracy Porter is what you get when you call a timeout with seven seconds remaining in a losing effort. Stupid.

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