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New Orleans Saints 48 @ Philadelphia Eagles 22: Who Dat Say!?


wwltvsports Saints first team since 2001 to open season with 2 40 point games

NFLfootballinfo Darren Sharper today became only the 5th player in NFL history with 9 career interception return touchdowns.

wwltvsports Brees: Kolb did a good job in a tough situation

saints83 Who Dat!!!! Well 2&0 and looked good vs a good team.. Congrats boyz

jeffduncantp Payton said initial diagnosis for Bell is just a sprain.

ChaseDaniel How bout them Saints!!!

jeffduncantp Just back from locker room. The Saints obviously were in good moods. But not overly celebratory. Seem to have a good read on things.

reggie_bush Great win for the Saints in one of the toughest places to play! God is good!

jeffduncantp Drew Brees: "I'd say our confidence is way higher than it was in '06. ...Believe it or not, I'd say that we can still get a lot better."

SupaFreak69 2-0 need i say any mo...who dat!!!

jeffduncantp Hearing Bell sufferered MCL sprain, same injury as .Thomas had. Recovery time varries depending on severity. Could be 2 weeks, could be 6.

jeffduncantp The Saints' handed Eagles their 2nd worst loss ever at the Linc, dating to a 42-0 drubbing to Seattle in 2005. Eagles were 34-19 @ stadium.

ltorrence24 Saints flying high @ the airport now! Who Dat! 2-0 !

MalcolmJenkins Feeling good after the win... bout to head back to NOLA .... Who Dat!!!

NFLfootballinfo With 9 TD passes through 2 games, Drew Brees ties Charley Johnson (1965, St. Louis) for NFL record for most TD passes in 1st 2 games of year

miketripletttp You have permission to get excited, Saints fans. This is the kind of game that tripped them up in the past, but they ran away with it.

ltorrence24 Thanks to all you fans who came out to greet us at the airport just now! Wow! Had to have been a few hundred out there! Who dat!

Pierre_Thomas Who Dat! Our squad is something serious, we're in for one exciting year! Great win today, back to work tmro

JeremyShockey thx for all the comments!!! left alot of plays on the field .. gnight.. GOD BLESS.. WHO DAT!!!1

robyslyfe It feels so good to be back, this is a special TEAM. Who Dat!!!!!    


New Orleans Saints running back Mike Bell upbeat despite knee injury - Times-Pic

"It’s definitely not an ACL," insisted Bell, who said he was "more scared than anything else" when he went down with the injury, then limped off the field with help from the training staff. "I think I could have gone back in."

-Mike Bell

"I think they really wanted to see how I was feeling, get me in on special teams and see how I reacted," Thomas said. "I felt pretty good. I’m just getting used to that brace. That brace is kind of big."

-Pierre Thomas

"Oh, no doubt. No doubt," Thomas said. "Whenever they call my name, I’m stepping up."

-Pierre Thomas

"I wasn’t frustrated at all. We were winning. We were playing well, and we were beating a team that’s tough to play, on the road," said Bush, who was booed at the Superdome in Week 1 after fumbling two punt returns, one of which was recovered by the Detroit Lions. "So really it’s not about me, it’s about the team first. I always try to remember that. As a competitor you want to be in there making plays, but I think in games like this, you’re just happy to come out with a win."

-Reggie Bush

"I know that I can run between the tackles," said Bush, who made a nifty cutback to his left at the line of scrimmage to break free, then made cornerback Sheldon Brown miss in the open field. "It’s just a matter of opportunities. So I don’t listen to those things. I know what I can and can’t do."

-Reggie Bush

"I think we played it all right, but I think we definitely could have played it better,"

-Will Smith

"I wasn’t going down," said Sharper, who wasn’t able to score on either of his interception returns in Week 1 against Detroit. "I might’ve gotten caught, but luckily I was able to keep my legs up."

-Darren Sharper

"During the week, he said he didn’t believe I can take one back to the house," Sharper said. "So I had to prove him wrong."

-Darren Sharper, on Coach Payton buying him dinner


Grading the New Orleans Saints' performance against the Philadelphia Eagles Times-Pic

All systems go for New Orleans Saints in 48-22 win over Philadelphia Eagles - Times-Pic

"Losing the way we did last season,  we felt like we had to come up with something that is pertinent to our team,  especially after last year. When you're 0-5 in games that were decided by one,  two,  three points,  we definitely have to 'finish' games this season. We have to recognize it,  understand it and do it.

"Today we did that. Hopefully,  there'll be more to come."

-Jonathan Vilma

"The score right before halftime was important because it was kind of a cat-and-mouse game with field position, " Payton said. "We used our timeouts with the hope that we would get a chance to get the ball back, and we did. Then, Drew did a good job running the two-minute (offense) and taking advantage of that possession."

-Sean Payton

"What has gone from a tie game to all of a sudden is a three-possession game in a matter of five minutes, " Brees said. "Those are game-changing types of deals."

-Drew Brees

"We knew their ball security wasn't as good as it needed to be and we felt we could get some balls out, " Jenkins said. "I was in his blind spot and I just made a play for the ball. It was a huge momentum shift coming out of the locker room."

-Malcolm Jenkins

"Drew said early on during OTAs that we want to make sure that we want to finish strong, " Sharper said. "You got to win close games if you want to be a championship team, and we have the mentality that we want to be a championship team.

"We didn't make any statement today. It was a great victory on the road against a quality NFC opponent. But statements this early in the season are overrated. Sure, people are going to be talking about us right now. But we can't worry about that too much. We still got a lot of football left."

-Darren Sharper


Recapping the New Orleans Saints-Philadelphia Eagles game - Times-Pic

"Tell me who else is going to go up and get that. It's either him or nobody, " said Brees,  who added,  "I trust him more than I've ever trusted anybody out on the field."

-Drew Brees, on Marques Colston

"Once I got my release and saw Drew's eyes, I knew where the ball was going, "

-Marques Colston

"I don't know, I just kept playing, " Shockey said, refusing to exaggerate his role in the victory. "The ball kind of came up under me, and I just jumped on it. I don't know about the scenario, I just know it worked out in the end."

-Jeremy Shockey, on recovering the fumble

"I think the special teams coming out and getting a turnover, I think that really disrupted their team momentum, " Shanle said. "And then to just come back with that interception and score another touchdown right away, it really changed what they had to do offensively. That put more pressure on their quarterback."

-Scott Shanle 

"It's never perfect. But it was good enough today."

-Sean Payon 


New Orleans Saints hit top gear after easing off gas - Times-Pic

"Yeah, we did (think about going for it)," Payton said. "The approach we took today, I don’t want to say conservative because that’s not the right word, but we were going to be smart in how we played this game. There may be situations when we decide to go for it in that case, but today was not going to be one of them."

-Sean Payton

"I think he (Kolb) knew we were in the same defense, but I actually did what I was supposed to do, and he didn’t expect me to be there," Shanle said. "It worked out."

-Scott Shanle  


Saint at Eagles Game Story - New Orleans Saints official website

Saints make statement in win over Eagles, 48-22 -

Jeff: Saints send message with win over Eagles - WWL

"I told our players that I thought it was a big win for us," Payton said. "I thought in all phases we made some big plays. I thought the turnover in the second half on our kickoff coverage team was a big play. We converted it into a touchdown and that gave us an 11-point lead."

-Sean Payton


Offense soars as Saints defeat Eagles, 48-22 - WWLTV 

Video: Roundtable: If injured for a while, loss of Bell won't sting too bad - WWLTV

Saints dominate Eagles 48 - 22 -WWL 

Saints' kicking game improves - The Advocate

Saints Offense Explodes Again In 48-22 Romp - WDSU

Brees proving to be the unstoppable force of '09 - Sporting News

New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles - ESPN

"If you look at our skill group, each game no guy ever knows who's day it's gonna be," Brees said. "Each guy knows it's their job to open things up for everyone else."

-Drew Brees


Saints serve notice with thorough thrashing of potent Eagles - CBS Sports

Hobbs: Tomahawk Chop Knocked Ball Loose - Philadelphia Eagles official website

"The guy actually came from behind and made a good play," Hobbs said. "He just tomahawked the ball. I had it tight, he just made a good play and I didn't.

"You have to take the responsibility on yourself and understand that you have to make better plays. I was fortunate enough to go out there and get another chance to make up for it and we scored on that."

-Ellis Hobbs, on Malcolm Jenkins

"We have all the talent in the world (on special teams)," Hobbs said. "But if you kill yourself on the mental aspect, the penalties and mental errors ... This is a game of inches. What you see out there is a bunch of inches, just adding up."

-Ellis Hobbs


Daisher Undaunted Despite ST's Bad Day - Philadelphia Eagles official website

"We had a tough day," said special teams coordinator Ted Daisher. "We have to play a lot better than that."

-Ted Daisher

"You never want to give the opponent a chance for an extra possession," said Daisher. "I thought we had a chance for a good return, a guy got Ellis (Hobbs) from the side and the ball came out.

"It didn't help the cause obviously. It gave them some momentum. Any big play on special teams is momentum wise, and I think that gave them some momentum that obviously hurt our cause."

-Ted Daisher

"Never," he said. "You never change, you never blink, you never think twice. We've been pretty good in special teams the last few years in Cleveland (where Daisher coached), top five in the league.

"I'm not going to change anything, we're just going to work and get better."

-Ted Daisher


Avant One Of Few Bright Spots In Loss - Philadelphia Eagles official website

"We could have been a little cleaner out there today," Avant said. "I believe that we left some things out on the field. I thought Kevin (Kolb) did a nice job with the chances that he had. (There were) a couple of errors on all of our part which cost him some statistics, but everything else was alright."

-Jason Avant

"I believe that (Kolb) did a good job today," Avant said. "I believe that a lot of areas let him down, including myself. "For his first start, we can't ask too much of him. Right now, we've just got to give him more help."

-Jason Avant

"We didn't play smart today and that's just the bottom line," he said. "The Saints played a good game. "We had just too many penalties in critical situations. The game should have been a lot closer than it was. I believe that we dug ourselves a hole that we couldn't get out of."

-Jason Avant


Kolb: Eager For Another Opportunity - Philadelphia Eagles official website

"I was excited to get that because we needed the crowd on our side and they were on our side," Kolb said. "We needed that energy. We had to answer at that point because we knew (Drew) Brees and the Saints - we didn't want them to get the big lead on us like they ended up doing."

-Kevin Kolb

"It's frustrating because there were some good things out there. I just hate that I kill myself and kill the team with those turnovers," Kolb said. "As a quarterback, you can't allow yourself to do that. It puts us in the hole. It put us in the hole at the top of the third (quarter) and we couldn't recover."

-Kevin Kolb

"We had been throwing that route in the two-minute drill leading up to the half and they trust me if that guy gets wide, to just check it back underneath," Kolb said. "And I really thought I could get it outside of him and we had been doing it previous to that point and he just took off to the flats."

-Kevin Kolb

"I saw it clear as day they were bad throws," Kolb said. "I left them inside and you can't do that on out breaking routes, first page of the quarterback book. It just upsets me that I make those errors."

-Kevin Kolb


John Smallwood: Put this loss on the Eagles’ defense - Philadelphia Daily News

Brees makes it look easy - Philadelphia Inquirer

"I think with our group, each game you never know whose day it's going to be," Brees said. "Did we know it was going to be (Colston's) day? No. We get into the heat of it and, all of a sudden, he's got the hot hand so we're feeding him."

-Drew Brees

"It is very important for this offense every game that we get off to a quick start," Saints running back Mike Bell said. "We want to start quick and that way it will set the tempo for the game."

-Mike Bell


Phil Sheridan: Not wild about the Wildcat - Philadelphia Inquirer 

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Jeff Duncan's video log from Saints-Eagles (Sept. 20, 2009)