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Drew Brees On His Way to Becoming All-Time Greatest Saints Quarterback. Or is he Already There?

Drew Brees has thrown for 14,579 yards to date in his three years and change as a New Orleans Saint. Drew currently stands fourth on the Saints all-time career passing yardage list, just 51 yards shy of the current third place holder, WWL's very own Bobby Hebert. Barring a situation so horrific and frightening I dare not even speak it's name, I'm pretty sure Brees will surpass Hebert's mark early in this weeks game against the Bills. In fact, book it as one of my predictions in our weekly contest.

And he will do it 27 games quicker than Hebert. That's enough to make Drew the greater of the two. But numbers don't mean everything. If they did, Aaron Brooks could be considered the second best quarterback in Saints history and he's not. That means the battle for the title of greatest all-time Saints quarterback is still being waged and it's between only Archie Manning and Drew Brees. Unless, of course, you think Brees has already done enough.

Do you?