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Saints Dominance In, Cautious Optimism Out

I think it's pretty safe to say we are all riding pretty high as Saints fans right now, particularly after Sunday's victory over the Eagles. It might be a tad bit early to start thinking about Miami but damn if things aren't looking pretty good so far. The Saints' stock is on the rise as they've jumped to seventh in ESPN's power rankings. Can't you feel that excitement in the air? It's right here on CSC (loving all the FanPosts!), it's all over Who Dat Nation and it's even permeating to the National level. Mike Detillier said his phone has been ringing off the hook. 

And doesn't it feel familiar? The Saints started off the 2006 campaign by winning two nail-biters and showing that things would be different that year. This season, they've come strong out of the gate again, this time blowing opponents out of the water but still out to prove, once again, they are not who we think they are. 

In fact, Sports Illustrated just had an article about the Saints in this weeks issue, nominating them as this years leading "dark horse" candidate and noticing that they have a legitimate shot at making a Super Bowl run. It was aptly titled, "Why Not Us?" and I think that simple question get's right down to the heart of how we, as Saints fans, have always felt. During a season when the mighty Patriots are one fumble away from 0-2 and four currently undefeated teams didn't even make the playoffs last year, Saints included, why can't this finally be the year?

It can be. What is most important, though, is that if this season promises to be the year than what it can't be is anything at all like the last two. It should more emulate yet look to improve on the greatest Saints season to date, 2006. So far, things are going smoothly toward that end. Injuries have not piled up, the defense is improved (really!), turnovers are being created, the kicking situation is steady; hell, even the refs are cutting them some slack (I'm looking at you Stinch). Also of great importance, the Saints seem to have good mojo on their side, playing teams at just the right time. That same aura of destiny that surrounded the Saints three years ago can once again be felt and it's obvious in the way they've steamrolled opponents so far this season. Those victories say: This is our year and nobody is going to take that away from us. 

So let me make it official. I am no longer cautiously optimistic. To hell with all of that. I am returning to my normal state of Who Dat fandemonium where I'm most needed and where none of my thinking is rational. Don't believe me? Check out the new tagline. I am confident that this is the year the Saints will win it all because, well, why not us?