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New Orleans Saints @ Buffalo Bills: What to Watch

Only one day away now from the Saints next trial in their quest for perfection. We've already talked a good bit about what we can expect to see during the game but I wanted to try and wrap it all together. Here's a final look at the Saints @ Bills. Everything is up for discussion and/or polite argument. 


Drew Brees vs. Buffalo's Secondary

What do you get when the leagues best offense and second best passing attack face off against it's statistically penultimate secondary? This Sunday's game between the Saints and Bills. While it might not be the most accurate stat, the Bills are ranked second-to-last in stopping the pass so far this season; a seeming match made in heaven for Brees and the Saints. Assuming the weather holds up, look for Brees to continue his surgical precision in defense carving.

Let's not also forget about the Saints offensive line who will play a huge part in this matchup. Getting to Brees quickly and attempting to throw off his timing, if not throwing him into the ground, will certainly be part of Buffalo's game plan. With the Bills improved depth at defensive end this season, the job will be that much more difficult for tackles Jon Stinchcomb,Jermon Bushrod and Zach Strief. It will be pertinent that they have a good game and keep the dirt off of Drew's jersey.   

Jabari Greer vs. Terrell Owens/Lee Evans

Jabari Greer returns to Western New York for the first time since being signed by the Saints this off-season. Greer left for greener pastures when the Bills weren't willing to fork up enough dough to keep him happy and in Buffalo. Though the terms of the split were friendly, one teams trash is another teams treasure. He could prove to be a valuable commodity during the contest this weekend when he matches up against the Bills two top receivers, Terrell Owens and Lee Evans, the latter of whom he faced every day during practice and whose tendencies he should be familiar with. Assuming the Bills still run a similar offense this season, Greer's past knowledge of the Bills should give him an advantage..


The Saints vs. The Weather

The forecast still calls for a chance of rain in Orchard Park this Sunday. Not good for the Saints, who play at least ten games a year under a roof and aren't completely equipped to deal with the elements. First and foremost, rainy weather is less than ideal for quarterbacks. A slippery ball can make even a great signal caller the likes of Drew Brees look more like Aaron Brooks on a clear day. In addition to the headaches and mistakes that wet weather can cause, it also lends itself to the run offense, which naturally plays away from the Saints strength in passing the ball with precision. If Brees is forced to throw the ball less and hand it off more, it could be a game equalizer. 


Players to Watch

Lynell Hamilton - With Mike Bell listed as out, the word on the street is that Hamilton has been taking most of the reps with the first team this week and expects a big load against the Bills. That also means Pierre Thomas probably won't see much action. It would be quite a pleasant surprise if Hamilton could step up the way Mike Bell has done so far this season. Talk about depth. That is what all championship teams have. 

The boys are back in town - Gregg Williams, Jabari Greer and Anthony Hargrove are all making their triumphant return to play the team they used to work for. No doubt that creates added motivation. A victory against the Bills would be extra sweet for these three. 

Remi Ayodele  - Kendrick Clancy is officially listed as out for this weekends game meaning Remi Ayodele should get the start in his place. Ayodele looks to build and improve this week on the decent job he did filling against the Eagles last week. Expect Hargrove to also move inside to help out a little.