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Rod Harper Deserves Debut


It was just a few weeks ago when Saints fans were being dazzled by the exciting punt return touchdowns and nifty catches being made by undrafted free agent and former arena football player, Rod Harper, during the pre-season. He was the talk of training camp. But since the regular season has started, Saints fans have seen nothing from Harper other than his pacing up and down the sideline, football in tow.

To be honest, the Saints have been fortunate enough not to need the extra play making ability that Harper seems primed to bring; the points have flowed freely. But with Lance Moore officially listed as "out" for this weekends battle in Buffalo, now is as good a time as any for Harper to make his regular season NFL debut and show the rest of the league, not just well-informed Saints followers, what he can do. 

So will this week be a key part of the continuing Cinderella story that is Rod Harper's career? If so, will he be just a punt returner or will Payton incorporate him into the offense as well? And with Roman Harper also on the roster, will the equipment staff need to put Rod's full first name on the back of his jersey to differentiate the two players? Questions abound on the eve before game day. 

Be sure to check back later for my "Saints @ Bills: What to Watch" post which will wrap everything up before the big game.