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New Orleans Saints 27 @ Buffalo Bills 7: Who Dat Say!?




FletcherMackel saints jets next week...3-0 vs.3-0...if only NBC could flex this game to sunday nigth!!!! why do we have to wait toweek 9 for flex schedule    

saints83 Damn 3-0 and can still get better! Great job fellas yall look great!

ChaseDaniel Big win against a very good team on the road! Battle of the unbeatens next week at the dome! HUGE game.

robyslyfe 3-0

jeffduncantp Some final thoughts from Ralph Wilson Stadium: Pierre Thomas rushed for a career-high 126 yards, all in the 2nd half, while battling the flu

jeffduncantp The Saints held Bills without a first down in the final quarter and to 18 total yards in 16 plays .

jeffduncantp Saints awarded a game ball to defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. You could hear the roar through the locker room walls when he got it.

jeffduncantp Saints ended T.O.'s streak of 185 consecutive games with a catch, dating to his rookie year in 1996. That was 3rd longest in NFL history.

jeffduncantp OK,. Tweeples. Headed back to the hotel. Saints are 3-0 for sixth time in club history & 1st time since 2006. Jets game is gonna be a big 1.

ChaseDaniel Just landed in NOLA and was greeted by tons of Saints faithul right off the plane! Amazing sight to see! Such great support! Who Dat

reggie_bush Another great win for the Saints today!    


New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills recap- Times-Pic

"It just never felt like we were in a rhythm,  whether it was penalties or miscommunication and a lot of self-inflicted stuff, " Brees said. "But I need to hand it to them;  they had a good game plan and played us real tough."

-Drew Brees

"32 did that, " Saints defensive end Charles Grant said of cornerback Jabari Greer. "They all did a great job in the secondary, but 32 did an outstanding job."

-Charles Grant

"In the second half, I was ready to go, "

-Pierre Thomas

"That was a big play, " Saints Coach Sean Payton said. "Here we go again with him. It doesn't surprise you anymore because he's just around big plays."

-Malcolm Jenkins

"The way Coach (Gregg Williams) and Coach (Bill) Johnson condition us and the way we train ourselves to run to the ball, they're always talking about that, "

-Charles Grant

"We knew they were going to throw some kind of wrinkle at us, and I think by the time we got it figured out, we were just in too much of a hole, "

-Fred Jackson


New Orleans Saints defense gives Terrell Owens a reality check - Times-Pic

"It was a total team effort, " Greer said. "The way the defensive line pressured the quarterback and the way the linebackers took away the underneath throws. It all works hand in hand.

"To say that us as a secondary totally shut him down,  that would be a little selfish. If us as a secondary say that we shut him down,  I think that would overshadow the real work of the way the defensive line and the linebackers played today."

-Jabari Greer

"It's a cumulative effort, " Saints free safety Darren Sharper said. "To think about the number of sacks we had, and not allowing the quarterback to sit back there and find T.O., that's tough to shut down a receiver of his caliber. To hold him to zero catches, and to slow down an offense that's been pretty productive the last couple of weeks, is a big statement by this defense."

-Darren Sharper


New Orleans Saints win in way they haven't in long time: Jeff Duncan - Times-Pic

"It's a brand-new year, " Saints defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis said. "It's a different mind-set,  a different attitude."

-Sedrick Ellis

"That's as good a defense as we've played around here in awhile, "

-Sean Payton

"I can't say enough about him, " Brees said. "He's a warrior."

-Drew Brees, on Pierre Thomas

"You're judged on how many points you give up and today we gave up no points, "

-Jon Vilma

"It was a great moment, "

-Will Smith, on Gregg Williams being awarded the game ball

"We knew they were going to throw some kind of wrinkle at us, " Bills running back Fred Jackson said. "And I think by the time we got it figured out we were just in too much of a hole."

-Fred Jackson

"Gregg had a plan and stuck with it, " Van Pelt said. "I didn't do a good job of adapting and going from there."

-Alex Van Pelt, Bills offensive coordinator

"Coach challenged us on Monday, and we took it as men to rise to the challenge, " Ellis said. "He made it clear that we were the unit that could make the difference in this game."

-Sedrick Ellis

"You go all week and all you hear people talking about is the two offenses, that's enough to get a couple of defenses fired up, " Brees said. "I felt like our defense played tremendously."

-Drew Brees


 New Orleans Saints defense leads way to 27-7 victory over Buffalo Bills - Times-Pic

"You can call it the lucky breaks, but I think even more so than that, it's the attitude, " Brees said, smiling when he was reminded that the team's slogan this year is "Finish."

-Drew Brees

"It's important for us as a team to have wins like this, "..."I mean, we proved last year that just a great passing offense was not enough to get you into the postseason. But we're off to a 3-0 start. We've corrected a lot of mistakes that really cost us last year, that being some big plays on defense -- the defense played outstanding today -- and a balanced offense.

"There are teams that are going to try to take away the pass, and we've got to have an answer for that."

-Jon Stinchcomb

"Coach Payton challenged our defensive line, saying this is a game we had an advantage in, "

-Will Smith

"It wasn't that high, though, "

-Will Smith, on his interception

"Once we got in the third quarter, still 10-7, offensively we were thinking, 'We've got to close this thing out. Our defense is playing their butt off, and we've got to do something, ' " Brees said. "And obviously, that's when the Pierre show began."

-Drew Brees

"I told my offensive line, I missed them guys, I missed running behind them, "

-Pierre Thomas

"Our main focus was to try to put this game away, " Thomas said. "We needed this drive to count, we needed a touchdown to really pull away. Because Buffalo, they really played a great game. They came out, were fired up and wanted a victory.

"But we came out fired up, and we came out on top."

-Pierre Thomas

"I just think when you play in the elements, we're not really interested in style points, " Payton said. "We're interested in winning. That's our job."

-Sean Payton


New York Jets, the New Orleans Saints' next foe, also off to 3-0 start - TImes-Pic

New Orleans Saints beat the Buffalo Bills 27-7 and start the season 3-0 - Times-Pic

Stage is set for Superdome showdown between New Orleans Saints, New York Jets - Times-Pic

Grading the New Orleans Saints' performance against the Buffalo Bills - Times-Pic

New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills scoring summary - Times-Pic

New Orleans Saints vs. Buffalo Bills - Recap - ESPN

Wrap-up: Saints 27, Bills 7 - NFC South - ESPN

Saints Stampede Bills 27-7 - New Orleans Saints official website

"I’m pleased," said Head Coach Sean Payton. "I’m not into style points, I care that we won the game."

-Sean Payton

"It felt great to get out there and help the team," Thomas understatedly remarked after the game. "The Bills were playing great defense and the game was tight, but we didn’t panic and just stayed with what we knew we could do, and that’s run it. Give the credit to our offensive line, they just came up huge and were knocking guys backwards there and I just followed the blocks."

-Pierre Thomas

"Pierre really ran hard and broke some tackles and made guys miss, he came up huge for us, that was big,"

-Sean Payton

"Boy, they are a good football team. The are good, talented and they mix things up on you all the time. We hung in there with them and battled, we fought hard, but they earned it. I give credit to them."

-Dick Jauron   


Notes from Saints win over the Bills - New Orleans Saints official website

Commentary: So far, so good - WWLTV

Cody: Saints win was a defensive masterpiece WWLTV 

Deke: With balance Saints unstoppable - WWL

Defense dominates in 27-7 Saints win over Bills - WWLTV

"Our defense played outstanding," Brees said. "Every time they stepped on the field, they just felt like the were going to shut them down."

-Drew Brees

"This is a game that in the past would not have gone our way," Brees said. "It's the attitude. Once we got in the fourth quarter, offensively our attitude was every time we touch the ball we're getting points."

-Drew Brees


Saints showing improvement in running game - The Advocate

"To have balance, to have a second dimension to this offense has been vital to putting up the points that we have," tackle Jon Stinchcomb said. "We just need to continue building on this success we’ve had these first two weeks and not take anything for granted."

-Jon Stinchcomb

"That’s one thing that we were stressing in the offseason: Getting our run game going, because once you have a strong run game, it helps out everything else on offense, play action, dropping back and passing, screens, everything," said tackle Jermon Bushrod, who has filled in ably for injured starter Jammal Brown. "The run game was definitely a point of emphasis for us in the offseason."

-Jermon Bushrod

"We’re all skilled athletes," Thomas said. "We can (all) be used in this offense. I feel, if one guy goes down, we have guys who can step up."

-Pierre Thomas

"We’ve had two games, and each week presents a different challenge," Payton said. "We’ve had two games where we’ve had good passing and rushing numbers. We know that can change week by week, but we have been able to finish games and that has been good."

-Sean Payton    


Saints leave Buffalo with most impressive win - 

TIM'S TAKES: Enough 'shots,' Bills need some courage - Niagara Gazette

"We took a shot, we had the shot, and we didn’t convert on it," Lee Evans said. "The way they were playing us, they were trying to put a lot of pressure on us. "When they do that, you’ve got to make them pay."

-Lee Evans

"We’re not going to give them the game, they’ve got to earn the game. That’s not to say we might not have made it, but it’s not a good gamble,"

-Dick Jauron


Bills have no answer for Saints in 27-7 loss - The Buffalo News

"I didn't do a good job upstairs adjusting to what we were seeing," Van Pelt said. "That's probably the first place to start."

-Alex Van Pelt, Bills offensive coordinator

"I have to do a better job adjusting to what we were getting," Van Pelt said. "It was one of those days where he was going to pressure us almost every snap. I have to have better answers than I did."

-Alex Van Pelt

"We prepped all that for New England [in Week One]," Van Pelt said. "We were ready for all that. That was not an issue."

-Alex Van Pelt, on whether the 3-4 was the problem

"They gave us more than we anticipated," Van Pelt said. "I have to do a better job of finding ways to get that defeated, which we didn't do."

-Alex Van Pelt

"They're a no-huddle team, and we made a big emphasis this week on the defensive line," Saints coach Sean Payton said. "And I felt like we had an edge in that area. We challenged them [his defensive linemen] and I was really pleased as the game went on, how we controlled the line of scrimmage."

-Sean Payton

"When they do close the middle, we have to get the ball to Terrell and Lee," Van Pelt said. "And I've got to find better ways to get those guys involved in the pass game, no question."

-Alex Van Pelt

"I lined up in the wing position on [the] left-hand side," Denney said. "Rian [Lindell] fakes the kick so the defenders' attention is drawn to the block point, and Brian is able to roll out and make the pass. ... We've had this in for a couple years and this was the first time we ran it."

-Ryan Denney

"It's just a simple slant play, and Jabari just kind of squatted on it,"

-Trent Edwards

"The wind was kind of swirling a little bit like normal," Edwards said. "That direction throwing it usually it kind of kills the ball a little bit. When I let it go I felt pretty good, but I guess [there] wasn't enough air under it, and unfortunately it was a little bit out of his reach."

-Trent Edwards   


Jeff: Saints win, go 3-0 and own 1st place - WWL

Gregg Williams game ball, T.O., 3-0 Saints History, Reggie Bush and more - New Orleans Pro Football

Saints D pitches shutout as PT Cruiser rolls in second half on way to 27-7 victory in Buffalo - New Orleans Pro Football

Saints Nation: Player Grades @ Bills - Saints Nation




Jeff Duncan's New Orleans Saints-Buffalo Bills video log (Sept. 27, 2009)




Here are clips from WWL's Sports Talk. In order you've got Sean Payton, Scott Fujita, Heath Evans, Pierre Thomas, Hokie Gajan, Bobby Hebert than The Point After show. Enjoy.



Terrell Owens Press Conference Transcript

From the Buffalo Bills official website. 

Q: What did you think of the offense overall?

Terrell Owens: "Didn't execute."

Q: Why do you think the offense didn't execute?

T.O.: "We lost the game, what do you think?"

Q: On the deep ball at the tunnel end did you pull up on that?

T.O.: "No."

Q: Trent couldn't get the ball downfield and it seemed like everything was short and check downs.

T.O.: "I was just going with the plays that were called."

Q: Was it something their defense was doing out there?

T.O.: "What do you think?"

Q: You tell me, you're out there

T.O.: "I'm just going with the plays that are called."

Q: Your frustration level right now?

T.O.: "I'm good. Just got to get ready for next week."

Q: Do you feel you and Lee (Evans) are being wasted in this offens?

T.O.: "We're just going with the plays that are called."

Q: You could say ‘no' right there.

T.O.: "I'm just going with the plays that are called."

Q: Do you like the plays that are called?

T.O.: "Whether I like them or don't, I'm just going with the plays that are called."

Q: How about the decisiosn that are made after the plays are called? The quarterback's decisions after the play is called?

T.O.: "You'd have to ask him."

Q: I'm asking what you think.

T.O.: "I don't want to answer that because whatever I say you guys are turn it into however you want to say it."

Q: We'll print whatever you say word for word.

T.O.: "I just answered you sir."

Q: Any thoughts on the end of your catch streak (185 straight games)?

T.O.: "It's over."

Q: Did it have any meaning to you at all?

T.O.: "We didn't win the game."

Q: Do you feel bad for the defense?

T.O.: "We've just got to regroup and get ready for next week."