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Your Wednesday Afternoon Saints Twitter Update

Here's everything from Twitter this afternoon. If the press conference transcripts become available, you know I will post them.


jeffduncantp You can tell this is a big game. Packed house in the media room. Lots of national/NYC reporters already in town

FletcherMackel Saints injury update: CB jenkins, DE mccray, LS kyle, OT bushood, RB bell, DT clancy did not practice at all today

FletcherMackel Sean payton says S chris reis is back up long snapper I'd kyle can't go! Wow.

FletcherMackel Payton: "mark sanchez is a guy who just knows how to win."

jeffduncantp The media horde surrounding Sean Payton today for his post-practice press briefing

FletcherMackel S Chris reis, LB troy evans and QB chase daniel practicing long snapping in case kyle can't go! Yes, chase daniel

FletcherMackel Drew brees wearing pink cleats this week in prax and game to promote breast cancer awareness week. Other players will also wear pink as well

jeffduncantp Drew Brees' footwear for this weekend's game, NFL breast cancer awareness weekend.

wwltvsports M. Bell, D. Dinkins, J. Bushrod, J. Kyle, K. Clancy. B. McCray and M. Jenkins all sit out Wednesday practice.

wwltvsports Bushrod says he'll miss Sunday's game; Zach Strief will get the start at left tackle. Meanwhile, Jammal Brown didn't talk to reporters.

jeffduncantp Jermon Bushrod said he doesn't expect to play Sunday because of ankle, knee injuries. Zach Strief will start at left tackle vs. Jets.

wwltvsports Strief said though the depth chart hasn't been set, he expects Jamar Nesbit to back up at tackle.

jeffduncantp Pierre Thomas said he's still not 100% recovered from weekend illness. Was drinking a shake in the locker room, still not up to whole foods.

wwltvsports Speaking of backing up, Troy Evans and Chris Reis are the backup long snappers if Jason Kyle can't go. Kyle has an injured ankle.

jeffduncantp On the bright side, Thomas said his right knee is close to 100 percent back to normal.

wwltvsports Mike Stanfield with the Saints said to make sure fans know to show up early for Sunday's game as extra security measures will be in place.

wwltvsports Shanle on radar: "I think when you're under the radar a little bit, it sometimes can make your job a little easier."
jeffduncantp Long snapper Jason Kyle said he expects to play. If he goes down, Troy Evans & Chris Reis will get the call to emergency deep snap.

wwltvsports Jabari Greer on the game: "It's going to be a big game, a game where we have to focus. ...

wwltvsports ... be patient in our technique and realize when the opportunity comes, we have to make it.."

wwltvsports Moore on audibles @ line: "A lot of times you can game plan 4 a team w/ certain looks, then they show u a totally diffrnt looks in the game.

wwltvsports Drew Brees will wear pink cleats on Sunday for cancer awareness.

wwltvsports Fujita said he'd wear something if sent 2 him. "It's important 2 me & I'm glad the NFL is tkng time 2 spend time w/ it & raise awareness.



A picture taken by Jeff Duncan