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Miami Dolphins 10 @ New Orleans Saints 7: Who Dat Say!?



DougTatum Outstanding performers: Thomas Morstead, Jo-Lon Dunbar, Rod Harper, Anthony Hargrove

DougTatum Disappointing efforts: Joey Harrington, Malcolm Jenkins and the third-string offensive line. Joey never had much time

wwltvsports Miller's injury is of the Achilles variety. Will get checked tomorrow. But it doesn't look promising.

JeremyShockey home thinking about my teammate BILLY MILLER! Hes more than a teammate hes a true friend.GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEPS. he will bounce bk

jeffduncantp Nothing official but I'm hearing Billy Miller tore his Achilles tendon. Players I talked to afterward sounded like they'd lost him for good.

SupaFreak69 I like to give a big thank u to the saints organization for trusting and believing in me...a sober and troublefree camp. Thank u lord.


Photos: Saints and Dolphins battle it out at the Dome Thursday night - Times-Pic

Handwerger: Miller's injury not good, but it doesn't doom Saints' season - WWLTV


Saints fall to Miami 10-7 in Dome - WWLTV

"We just have to wait and see where he’s at tomorrow," Head Coach Sean Payton said. "… But it is a position of some concern. We’ll see. We have to pay attention to it."

-Sean Payton, on Billy Miller

"I thought defensively we did some real good things tonight," Payton said. "We weren’t able to sustain any drives offensively. I thought we were sloppy with penalties and struggled to protect."

-Sean Payton

"It was nice to see Rod Harper make a play later in the second half for us to get back in it," Payton said. "But obviously, we have to play better offensively."

-Sean Payton


New Orleans Saints tight end Billy Miller exits with injured Achilles tendon - Times-Pic

"I've got good strength now, so hopefully it's not as bad as it could be,"

-Billy Miller

"I felt like I made some plays (in the preseason). Obviously the two returns were pretty good, but really at the end of camp you never feel like you made enough plays," said Harper, who lamented the fact that he struggled on offense early in Thursday's game. "Hopefully in their eyes, I made enough of them."

-Rod Harper

"That was one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I've ever had, because I've never done that,"

-Thomas Morstead, on kicking off


Anthony Hargrove has found home as New Orleans Saints tackle - Times-Pic

"He's pretty good," Saints linebacker Scott Fujita said. "He's a high-motor guy and he's such a good athlete. When you combine those things, you're going to see him make big plays. He's disruptive."

-Scott Fujita, on Anthony Hargrove

"It was good to get all the work in," Hargrove said. "I was thankful the coaches kept me in there so long. After having the year off, I need the work, and it helps my conditioning."

-Anthony Hargrove

"I'm feeling good inside, and the coaches say I'm moving good there, so I'm happy," Hargrove said. "I'm all for doing anything I can to help the team. I get more comfortable every day."

-Anthony Hargrove

"I thank God every day for this opportunity," Hargrove said. "I was lying in my bed in my hotel room (Wednesday) night, looking out the window at all the buildings downtown and thinking about where I was a year ago at this time looking out the barred windows (of a detention/treatment center). I know I can't get too cocky or too arrogant.

"I love this team and the coaches. I just hope they have plans on keeping me around."

-Anthony Hargrove 


Lynell Hamilton's closing argument to snag roster spot with New Orleans Saints impressive - Times-Pic

"I hope so," Hamilton said after accounting for 122 of the Saints' 234 yards of offense. "I'm the kind of person who puts it all in God's hands. I'm just going to continue to try to get better and let the chips fall where they may, and keep my trust in God."

-Lynell Hamilton

"I wish I could've helped my team more, maybe put some points on the board and helped my team win," he said. "We did some things right, but we did some things wrong. It's still a learning process."

-Lynell Hamilton



New Orleans Saints lose final preseason game 10-7 against Miami Dolphins - Times-Pic

"Defensively we did some real good things tonight," Payton said. "Offensively we struggled. We weren't able to sustain anything offensively. We were sloppy. Obviously we'll have to play better offensively."

-Sean Payton

"We'll know more tomorrow," Payton said. "Right now it's too early. We're already a little dinged up at that position with Darnell Dinkins out (ankle/foot). So that's a concern."

-Sean Payton

"Credit him," Payton said. "He's taken advantage of the opportunity. I was encouraged with the play he made tonight."

-Sean Payton, on Rod Harper

"It was a middle return, and I tried to hit it as quick as possible,"

-Rod Harper

"Let the chips fall where they may,"

-Lynell Hamilton

"That's part of football," Harrington said. "You've got to make the plays when they're presented to you. Sometimes they come within the offense and sometimes you have to create them on your own. It was just one of those games. I don't even worry about (making the team). That's what I've said all along. I'm not thinking at all about down the road."

-Joey Harrington


Saints Close Out Preseason Against Dolphins - New Orleans Saints official website

"We were sloppy in a few phases and that bothered me,"

-Sean Payton

"I thought Morstead was outstanding tonight," Payton said. "It was good to see him continue to develop. He did a lot of good things tonight."

-Sean Payton


Miami Dolphins finish pre-season play perfect for first time in 11 years - Palm Beach Post

"We did what we didn't do last week, which is sustain drives," guard Justin Smiley said. "We played football the way we're supposed to. Was it always pretty? No. There's things we can take from this and learn from. This next week is a really big week for us."

-Justin Smiley

"We had some plays for Teddy (Ginn) early in the game, but the coverage didn't dictate that and we checked out of them,"

-Tony Sparano 


Miami Dolphins ready for prime time after perfect preseason - Miami Herald

``You saw a little more continuity, and that's what you should see,'' quarterback Chad Pennington said. ``I'm glad we had this test.''

-Chad Pennington

``The preseason is all about building chemistry and building timing,'' Camarillo said. ``We're getting there. We made some good plays, but there's also some plays that we can still get better on.''

-Greg Camarillo  


NEWS: GameDay Live -

"I thought Henne did a good job. He had a better week of practice this week," said Sparano, who kept the first team offensive line and skill players on the field with Henne in the second quarter. "I just talked to him before the game a little bit and told him to relax and have some fun. I thought he did a good job with that and made some good throws early, got into a little bit of a rhythm early and I thought moved the team pretty well."

-Tony Sparano

"The biggest thing was making smart decisions and we got that drive down there, which helps your confidence and builds it up," Henne said. "I think it's a big key to get that first completion underneath your belt. That really gets everything going, gets the rhythm going and you feel good about yourself."

-Chad Henne

"To hold a team offensively to no points and that few yards, regardless of who's playing was big for us," middle linebacker Channing Crowder said. "We just showed that we're a good team and that we're going to be a team to be reckoned with this season. ... We're clicking as a defense, clicking as an offense and making plays. Everybody knows the games don't count but it just shows you where you're team and it shows you that we're playing together well."

-Channing Crowder

"It was a really good play that he made out there," Sparano said. "It was good to see us force a turnover and get off the field. I remember (General Manager) Jeff Ireland showing me a play there and our scouts showing me a play with Sean making a very similar interception like that. I believe it might have been against Wyoming or somebody like that and he made an almost similar to play to that and you could see his ball skills show up right there."

-Tony Sparano

"I think (the extra weight) will help in the long run, once I find that perfect number I want to play at," said Taylor, who is the NFL's active career sack leader with 120.5. "Before it was always a little different when I was going 243 or 242, but now that number will change a little bit based on the position and the role I have to play. It's good that I can maneuver my body around a little bit right now and I think I'm closer to where I want to be right now. Playing this position is a lot different. You have to be able to move around and play in space."

-Jason Taylor

"It was a great pass from Chad. There wasn't much space to put it in there and he put it right on the money," Camarillo said. "I just tried to come up with a play for him. It felt good, especially because we got to sit back and watch the replay a couple of times before they actually called it in. It's always good to make a play early. It gets you going for the rest of the game."

-Greg Camarillo

"For me, I put one out there was a little risky really," Pennington said. "I felt good with the ball placement of it and I felt like he would make the play and he did. I think that shows the type of trust that I have in him and the chemistry that we're gaining and trying to regain because it has been a revolving door. We've been rotating a lot of guys and working with a lot of guys in camp and now we're starting to hone in on the core guys that are going to be making plays for us on Sunday so it's important."

-Chad Pennington




Jeff Duncan's video log from the New Orleans Saints-Miami Dolphins exhibition game (Sept. 3, 2009)