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Sean Payton Furtive and Local Media Lacking Means Regular Season Officially Here!

Now that we are within one week of the Saints first 2009 regular season game, Sean Payton has returned the team right back into its usual Defcon Five high alert mode, revealing nothing before it's necessary. Likewise, the New Orleans media has picked up right where it left off last season, continuing it's half-hearted attempt to dig up the important facts. Pierre Thomas has a mysterious cut suffered from a fence, in addition to a sprained MCL, but details are still very hazy.

New Orleans Saints tailback Pierre Thomas showed some good elusiveness in the Saints' locker room, shooting out the door just as the media was allowed in this afternoon. So we still have no details on this cut he apparently suffered from a fence.

It's our mistake for not grilling Sean Payton for more details on the injury this afternoon, but the coach is always reticent to discuss injury specifics this early in the week.

And we, the fans, are still left with absolutely no more information than we started off with. And that could only mean one thing...

[Takes deep breath]


Football in New Orleans is officially back! Who is getting excited?!

Seriously though, what's the deal with Pierre? A cut suffered from a fence? Sounds eerily similar to when Jerry's girlfriend contracted gonorrhea from a tractor. Not that I think the laceration is an issue but I'm getting the feeling we're going to get an early look at Mike Bell this Sunday. 

In related news, this is the second time a fence has been responsible for an injury to a Saints player.  What gives, fences?