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New Orleans Saints' Special Teams Player Grades: Year in Review

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My special teams MVP for the first half of the season, based on having the highest GPA, was Thomas Morstead. After 16 games, Morstead still has the highest GPA, so he gets my special teams MVP for the season. Below are the final GPA's for the season, including the number of games graded. Keep in mind, that doesn't mean number of games played, it's just the number of games I graded based on extended action.

Here are the GPA's, highest to lowest:

Thomas Morstead: 3.00 (16 games)

Courtney Roby: 2.80 (15 games)

Garrett Hartley: 2.67 (5 games)

John Carney: 2.61 (11 games)

Below are the Special Teams Player of the Game Awards I handed out with the Player Grades over the course of the season:

special teams:

Thomas Morstead 6

Courtney Roby 5

Malcolm Jenkins 2

Robert Meachem 1

John Carney 1

Garrett Hartley 1