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Cardinals Win Shootout in Overtime; Next Stop New Orleans

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The matchup is now set. The Saints will take on the Cardinals this Saturday in the Superdome after Arizona narrowly defeated the Green Bay Packers this evening.

Kurt Warner and Aaron Rodgers went punch for punch during this high-scoring showdown between their respective teams but defense was no where to be seen by either side. Ironically, in the end, it was defense that came up big to win the game for Arizona.

From our perspective as Saints fans, I think playing the Cardinals is probably the best case scenario. We know the Saints offense can keep up with anyone in the league; I'm not afraid of getting into a shootout. But with two weeks rest and a defense back at full strength, the Saints should be able to return to early season form and slow down the Cardinals high-powered aerial attack just enough to earn their ticket to the NFC Championship. Jabari Greer, Tracy Porter, Darren Sharper and Roman Harper, I'm looking at all of you. 

So this is it! Bring on the birds! Early thoughts on the big game this Saturday?