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NFC Championship Game: Game Predictions

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It's Friday. It's 1pm. It's prediction time.

As I said last week, this could be the final time we have our weekly prediction contest for a long while so make sure to make them count. This is a big game so we need to see some big predictions.

Props to jeremysherwin, our winner last week. He got all three of his predictions correct and won the two-way vote. No avatar means cute cheerleader for all of you. In case you missed his winning predictions, here they are:

1. Shockmeister catches a TD
2. At least 2 turnovers from the Cards
3. Larry Fitz does not score    

Score Prediction: Saints 37-28

So step right up and give us the three things you think will happen during this Sunday's game. As is the custom, Viking fans are more than welcome to join in the fun.  

Take it away!