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Why. Not. Us.

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Or...43 years and all I got was this lousy NFC Championship

Ladies and is my duty, my privilege, and my honor to announce to you that THE SAINTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!

Okay, that wasn't very inventive. Normally, you expect better of your CSC writers. So, what would you like to hear instead? Cogent analysis? Biting wit? Perhaps some topical references, or quotes from obscure songs of the 70s?

Screw dat. I say again...


I had a lot of bullets prepared, but to hell with it. Dave, I hope you're not too disappointed, although I don't see how you could be on a night like this. Personally, I feel as though I fought this whole game myself...I am exhausted, drained, and have several pulled muscles. When Hartley's kick sailed high and right down the middle (wasn't that just the sweetest kick you ever saw?), I hugged my wife so hard I nearly broke her glasses. Besides...I don't have any better insights into what this means than anyone else who has dreamed of this since All Saints Day 1966, who used to pretend he was Danny Abramowicz catching sideline patterns, whose heart broke in 2006 but came back to life because when you're a Saints fan, the hope in you keeps you going long after fried oysters and Abita beer wears off. You all know how this feels, and what it means. So soak in the moment. In two more weeks, report back here to celebrate one more time. That's an order.


The floor is now open for discussion...