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Charles Grant Injured, Out for the Playoffs

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So much for resting the starters. It looks like the limited action Charles Grant got against the Carolina Panthers was enough to injure his bicep and earn him a place on injured reserve. I'd say it's not that big of a deal considering his overall lackluster performance this season, but consider that Bobby McCray's performance has been even worse. Veteran Paul Spicer has be re-signed to take up Grant's place on the roster. It's hard to say who will replace Grant on the field, but I'm assuming it will involve some rotation of Spicer, McCray, Jeff Charleston, Anthony Hargrove. As far as I'm concerned, the more of those snaps Hargrove gets, the better. McCray will likely be used more heavily in obvious pass rushing downs and situations. This is a blow for the Saints, but not a disastrous blow. Grant's performance this year is replaceable.

How much do you think this hurts the Saints' playoff chances?