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Charles Grant May Never Play for the Saints Again

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We may have seen the last of Charles Grant in a Saints uniform and if I'm being honest, I've got to tell you that idea doesn't bother me one bit. Based on everyones reactionary comments yesterday following the news that Grant was placed on IR for the remainder of the season, I assume many of you feel the same way. 

But how could this be possible when Grant still has four years left on the $63 million contract he signed that's even fatter than he is? Like a lot of the roster decisions that have been made this past year and all of the decisions to be made in the near future, it all comes down to the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the possibility of an uncapped season in 2010. If none of this CBA stuff sounds familiar, you don't know what I'm talking about or maybe just a little fuzzy on the details, you'll want to read my original post before the 2008 season detailing all of the specifics and consequences. Become familiar with all of this because I can only assume it's going to be a hot topic of discussion this off-season and may have dire repercussions on the future of our favorite sport. Whether you like it or not, changes loom large. 

When the Saints signed Grant to an 7-year contract in April of 2007, their hopes for the defensive end were no doubt as high as those of the fans. Instead, it's been mostly disappointment with him recording only eleven sacks these past three years. Not awful, but hardly worth his exorbitant salary. Unfortunately Charles may become the victim of bad timing and poor circumstance because the possibility of an uncapped 2010 season means the Saints - and all NFL teams - will be able to dump high-paid, under-performing players without any financial backlash if they so please. Not good for Grant. If the Saints want to part ways with him and can't get any value out of him, the timing couldn't be more perfect. The team will have the chance to jettison Grant and free up his roster spot with no fear of losing money in the process, something they couldn't do currently. 

There are other options, of course. NFL owners could settle on a new agreement this summer but at this point that seems highly unlikely. If they do reach a new CBA, chances are it will be in the final hour - next year. Or maybe the Saints aren't as unhappy with Grant as we, the fans, are and look forward to a healthy Charles Grant returning. Also doubtful. There is even the possibility that Grant would be willing to renegotiate his contract for less money. Regardless, the Saints will have a tough decision to make and Charles Grant should be at least a  little nervous.