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Fleur-de-Links October 10, 2010: New Orleans Saints @ Arizona Cardinals - Duel in the Desert?

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Well, it's probably more accurate to call it the Duel in the Closed-Roof, Climate-Controlled Environment Of The University Of Phoenix Stadium That Is Located in Glendale, Arizona, Which Has An Arid Climate. Now, that's much better and more epic-sounding, than that bland, misleading Duel in the Desert, isn't it?

Big Boss Dave has taken care of your audio/visual fix in fine fashion for this morning's pre-game buffet with the return of the ever-popular Sunday Morning A/V Club, and now it's time for the final tweets and links to news and notes heading into this afternoon's late-game kickoff between the Saints and Cardinals.


ChaseDaniel A little In-&-Out Burger AZ style with @drewbrees
bobbymccray Training on that hill 2day has me craving for a Po-Boy. But the catch is, I've never tasted one B4..
alexbrown96 Why is it that when someone tells you that there hearing impaired we tend to speak louder (as if that helps at all) I am in a car heading...
alexbrown96 To the Mall and my driver is hearing impaired and I am finding myself talking louder than normal. Which makes me feel like an a_s
scottshanle michigan finally exposed!!
jgoody76 Easy. 2 ints in the end zone and a blocked field goal. I will admit the D is suspect RT @scottshanle: michigan finally exposed!!
alexbrown96 I dont!!! _______ Alabama (insert a harsh word) @bobbymccray: I have to give Alabamba props they are well coach and will fight till the end
jgoody76 Need that nebraska d RT @scottshanle: @jgoody76true. you are right d is suspect. at least you got a qb!
scottshanle hope the voters dont have the SEC bias. bama got crushed by 19th team in country and should have lost to arkansas. drop em!
bobbymccray Good job by the old ball coach today. They did everything right.
jgoody76 Congrats to my SC peeps.
HeathEvans Can anyone else say, "Cam Newton for heisman?"
bobbymccray @alexbrown96 Squats Squats and more Squats!!!
HeathEvans Not to many QB's ever that can make the throw or run that Cam Newton just made! #fb
dmcallister26 @HeathEvans is that alil "Homeriesm" from u young man
JonVilma51 i cant see the UM game out here in arizona. somebody please tell me WTF IS GOING ON??!!??
scottshanle Is it crazy i would rather see Nebraska play Ohio state in championship instead of Boise? Those guys are real deal
ChaseDaniel Big shutout win for #Mizzou! That's a way to start Big XII play...let's go!
JonVilma51 ok scratch that, NOBODY tell me wtf is going on, everything i read is bad about miami right now. dam dam dam!
robyslyfe Watching LSU vs. what a game, you can see the pride and fight in both teams!
dmpressley O shoot!!!! FAKE
jgoody76 Les miles better not come back to louisiana if what I think is about to happen actualy happens. Lol
jgoody76 Les Miles is the most hated 6-0 coach ever. I know who the most hated 5-0 coach is but I won't say his name.
jgoody76 Headed to meetings
JonVilma51 my boys lost but i can still make it a great weekend...gota get it done tomm Who Dat nation!!
ltorrence24 Way to go tonight Stanford! You boys making us proud! C-House!
ltorrence24 When was the last time you laid it all on the line? You can't fake it in this business, got to be ALL IN!!! Passion=Excellence
alexbrown96 Yep y'all whipped us today and I accept the bashing of my Florida Gators and all the Tiger stuff being sent my way. They were better today!
j_bushrod7475 Colossians 3.23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men...
jgoody76 Still feel weird. Night tweeps
MalcolmJenkins Headed to sleep... big day tomorrow
jgoody76 Some time it seems like I have some of the most random thoughts and the simplest things with those thoughts tick (cont)


Deke: Saints Should Secure Double Digit Win In The Desert - WWL - AM870 | FM105.3
And so it is written by the Big Chief himself...Deke Bellavia - "Where y'at, Who Dats??? Drew Breeeeeeeeees!"

Saints-Cardinals Preview - WWL - AM870 | FM105.3
Matt Beardmore...STATS/AP writer.

Saints take crack at another rookie QB - New Orleans Saints -
Jim Mashek - The New Orleans Saints will face a rookie quarterback for the second straight week today when the Saints scrap with the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale, Ariz. | Saints’ cure-all?
Sheldon Mickles - Drew Brees pointed out this week the New Orleans Saints offense was close to breaking out of an early-season malaise last Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

Saints, Cardinals teams heading in different directions |

Rookie QB to face Super Bowl champs | | Eye on Black and Gold
Bob Baum (AP) - Coach Ken Whisenhunt has benched quarterback Derek Anderson and will give rookie Max Hall his first NFL start. Hall stands 6-foot-1, perhaps one of the reasons the former BYU standout wasn't drafted.

New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals: Inside the game |
James Varney - What to watch for in today's matchup.

Kurt Warner says New Orleans Saints are making plays when it counts |
Triplett - Team hasn't been as explosive, but is tied for best record in NFC.


Predicting QB success in NFL an inexact science |
Paola Bolvin - Predicting QB success in NFL an inexact science, Boivin: Max Hall should find comfort in knowing NFL talent evaluation at his position is a very inexact science.

Arizona Cardinals hope changes lead to better result against New Orleans Saints |
Kent Somers - Tim Hightower says the Arizona Cardinals might not have problems, but they have plenty of ''football issues'' as they prepare to play the defending Super Bowl champions.

Rookie Hazing |
Darren Urban - Just a few weeks ago, the Cardinals were planning on the other side of the equation.


Illustrated look at how New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees and his teammates did last week |
Dan Swensen - Feelin' the Brees graphic. | This Week in the NFL: Oct 10, 2010 — Baton Rouge, LA
Sheldon Mickles' NFL power rankings, his Game to Watch, weekly picks, and this weekend's NFL games being televised locally. | Saints Report for Oct. 10, 2010
Full team stats, schedule, and won-loss a mostly unaligned columnar format.

Ranking the New Orleans Saints' 53-man roster |
Jeff Duncan - Rating performance, potential and value to respective units.