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New Orleans Saints Sign RB Julius Jones, S Matt Giordano; Release John Carney and Waive DeShawn Wynn

Adam Schefter was the first to let the world know that running back Julius Jones has been signed by the Saints this afternoon...

Saints signed Julius Jones today.

Get ready for a big "I told you so," from coldpizza.

I guess that means Pierre Thomas, or Reggie Bush for that matter, aren't going to be ready as soon as we had hoped. It may also mean that Payton isn't as pleased with the two running backs he has in the stable right now, Chris Ivory and Ladell Betts.

Hmmm...this is interesting, because didn't Sean Payton say just yesterday that he was okay with the current running back situation? Why, yes, I believe he did...

These are guys that we have a lot of confidence in. I felt a week ago that Ladell played very well. He had the one fumble yesterday. I thought Chris ran hard yesterday. We'll keep coaching them. These are our guys. There's no one walking in here to save the day on the street right now.

Wow, is Payton good at lying or what!? Just further proof that we should never believe a word the man says.

There may be some confusion about the Jones signing, however, as Grandmaster Wang has already proven...

Didn't that guy do that "Right Here Right Now" song that pissed everybody off in 1991?

No. That was Jesus Jones.

UPDATE: We have now also learned that the Saints have signed safety Matt Giordano, who last played for the Falcons, as well as the Colts and Packers.

And to make room for these two new players, the team has released veteran kicker John Carney and RB DeShawn Wynn. Guess that means Hartley officially has his job back, which is good in these tough economic times.

**Shout out to CSC member Joseph William Stern for being the first to put this up and AKAY47 for doing the same, only slightly later.**