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New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Game Predictions

Friday afternoon means you're probably just hours away from getting off work and calling it a weekend. It also means it's prediction time!

Last week's voting was a total clusterfudge thanks to my blatant incompetency but after the smoke cleared, CSC member CajunCavern came out the winner. Here were his/her three winning predictions... 

1. Devery Henderson will have 3+ catches.
2. Arizona will have a return (punt or KO) of at least 30 yards.
3. Brees will throw 2 or more TDs.    

Personally, I think some of last weeks predictions were a little tame. I would like to see some members take a little more risk with their three guesses. 

On that note, I turn it on over to you guys. You know what to do. Enjoy the rest of your Friday.