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Can't Hartley Kick

Let's not waste any time or beat around the bush regarding this issue: The Saints have some kicker problems.

After returning from a two game hiatus, Garrett Hartley is still pulling his kicks and displaying inconsistency. So far this season, Hartley has only made five of his nine attempts, or 56% of his kicks. Fortunately, the Saints really didn't need him this week in their blowout of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but those aren't the kind of odds I want to see when my teams kicker has the game on his shoulders. In fact, given those odds I'm not so sure the Saints would have narrowly defeated the Panthers in week four if Hartley was the teams active kicker.

But where do the Saints go from here? The old 'Signing John Carney' trick didn't work this time. Should the Saints just stand pat with Hartley? Or is it time to bring in someone else? Will Carney make yet another appearance?