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Official Canal Street Chronicles Fantasy Football League Update

** is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.**

As the real-life professionals get ready for week seven in the NFL, the fantasy football-obsessed are doing the exact same thing at their computers, adjusting their rosters and setting their lineups.

Naturally, it's no different in our official Canal Street Chronicles CBS Sports Commissioner fantasy football league where things are starting to heat up. The playoff picture is slowly coming into focus but there are still a few tight races and with plenty of time left, anything can happen.

Make the jump to check out the standings and see how well - or not so well - your CSC brethren are managing their respective teams in our official Canal Street Chronicles fantasy football league...

Team Name CSC Member Owner
Poydras Division Win Loss Tie
Knuckle Heads Jeremy Sherwin 5 0 1
Boom! Wrecked it! David Cariello 3 3 0
Mobile Bay Mullets MobileSaint 1 4 1
Girod Division
Loomis & Lauscha LLP stujo4 2 4 0
The Natural Selections Joseph William Stern 2 4 0
Sweep the Leg Saint Bevo 1 5 0
LaSalle Division
The Bob Loblaw Blog Monkey Poop Battle 4 2 0
Mad Mick Beyond Superdome David "Satch" Kelly 3 3 0
Two Dat Super Bowl skinny kinney 2 4 0
Claiborne Division
Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe Andrew Juge 4 2 0
Henne Time, Henne Place Jay Preece 4 2 0
Snakes on a Wayne natde1016 4 2 0

Our leader so far is Jeremy Sherwin, whose Knuckle Head team sits with an unbeaten record of 5-0-1. Unfortunately, he's in my division (Poydras) which makes my mediocre record of 3-3 good enough only for second place. MobileSaint has had a tough go of it; the Mullets are in the basement.

Much like the AFC and NFC West divisions of the NFL, the teams of the Girod Division are all weak and struggling just to be the best of the worst. That's great news for Saint Bevo because even with a league-worst record of 1-5, he's only one game away from moving into first place. The door is wide open for some team, any team, to take control and pull away. Hey, somebody's gotta win this thing, right?!

Claiborne Division is a testament to parity. All three teams are currently tied with each other at 4-2 and each has one win and one loss within their division. Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe, owned by co-writer Andrew Juge, has scored significantly more points however, so he wins the tiebreaker and leads the division. In fact, Andrew is currently leading the league in total points scored. Jay Preece deserves a lot of credit as well for taking an awful team chosen by auto-draft - I think it stuck him with four quarterbacks - and saving his season.

Finally, there's the LaSalle Division. Not really anything too exciting to report there. Just three teams with different records and all equally separated.

So what do you guys think? If you remember, you all voted before the season started and most thought Two Dat Super Bowl had the best chance of winning it all; still think that? And how are you guys doing in your own fantasy football leagues?