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The Saints Have No Business Losing to the Browns

Check out the picture of the deformed human next to this post. That's the guy who will be quarterbacking against the Saints Sunday. After Max Hall was fortunate enough to win the first start of his career against the Saints, and Colt McCoy will be looking to do the same in his second start as a rookie. His chances are about as unrealistic as Hall's were, if not more so. At least Hall got to play at home, whereas McCoy will attempt to do it on the road against the team that won the Super Bowl a year ago in a building that has the NFL's best fans. Hall benefited from the Saints' most lackluster showing in 2 years. Hard to count on McCoy having that benefit. You know Darren Sharper is dying to get in this game because playing a inexperienced quarterback is almost a guaranteed interception for him, just ask Mark Sanchez and Matt Stafford how things went for them last year. McCoy is the team's third quarterback, only starting after both Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace suffered high ankle sprains that currently have them listed as doubtful.

Simply put, it will be an embarrassment if the Saints find a way to lose this game. Yes, it's the NFL, and any given Sunday yadda yadda yadda... The Saints are eyeing the playoffs and beyond. The Browns are eyeing the first pick in the NFL draft. I'm not saying the Saints should overlook them, because we all saw the Cardinals game and we know what can happen if the Saints play with their head elsewhere. I am saying, from a quality standpoint, these teams couldn't be farther apart. You know what, I am saying the Saints should practically overlook this game. They are that much better. Don't believe me? Make the jump.

Browns vs Saints coverage

Offense: Saints 8th, Browns 23rd

Yards Per Rush: Saints 21st, Browns 22nd

Fumbles: Saints 22nd, Browns 31st

Defense: Saints 7th, Browns 23rd

Kick Return Average: Saints 16th, Browns 32nd

Punt Return Average: Saints 5th, Browns 30th

Net Punting Average: Saints 2nd, Browns 9th

Touchbacks on Kickoffs: Saints 13th, Browns 28th

Sacks Given Up: Saints 7th, Browns 15th

Field Goal Percentage: Browns 21st, Saints 28th

Sacks: Saints 17th, Browns 21st

Interceptions: teams tied for 21st

Turnover Ratio: Saints -1, Browns -4

That's every major statistical category, and the only thing the Browns do better than the Saints is kick field goals. Literally, I pulled up team statistics on 13 different categories, including several in which the Saints are quite miserable, and the Browns manage to do those slightly worse. For example, as nonexistent of a pass rush as the Saints have,  the Browns have less sacks. You thought Ivory, Betts and company fumble too much? The Browns fumble more. Before Chris Ivory's game last week, the Saints' yards per carry average was abysmal. It's still pretty bad. The Browns are worse. I realize these stats come from a fairly small sample size of six games, but what the stats suggest is that the Browns are not better than the Saints in any single phase of the game. Forget offense, defense and special teams, the Browns aren't even better in the nuances of each phase. Sacks given up, kick return average, touchbacks, you name it. As horrendous as the Saints have been kicking fields goals, the Browns are barely better by 7%. That is, no lie, the only stat category I could find that the Browns had the Saints beat in.

So we do everything better than this team except kick field goals. I sure hope this doesn't come down to Garrett Hartley.