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Cleveland Browns 30 @ New Orleans Saints 17: The Saints Have Gone To The Dawgs

I don't even know what to say. The Saints were outplayed in nearly every aspect of the game. It was painful to watch, and it got worse as the game progressed.

From the Saints opening drive that stalled, to the razzle-dazzle punt return by Cleveland, to the two interception returns for TDs by David Bowens, to the 68-yard rumble up the middle by the ever-loving punter for cripes' sake, to the first Saints' TDs not coming until the 4th quarter, it was an ugly day in Who Dat Nation.

Credit the Browns. They certainly made the big plays in all phases of the game they needed to, and their defense absolutely stymied Sean Payton, Drew Brees and Co. for the majority of the game.

Talk it up and work it out folks, we've got to clean this up for next week.

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