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LIVE AT FIVE: Browns @ Saints Live Post-Game Radio Show

Well that was a disaster of epic proportions. Seriously, that was probably one of the worst games we've seen Drew Brees and the Saints play in quite a while. I'm upset. You're probably upset. We all should be upset. But the good news is that our live post-game show is the perfect outlet for my emotions and yours.

So give us an hour and LISTEN HERE at 5pm central, just a short time away from now. Ralph, Kevin and myself are going to break down this debacle at the Dome, probably do a lot of yelling and screaming, and take your phone calls so you can yell and scream as well. The number to call the show is (347) 215-8037.

In case you've got a poor memory and/or you've been drinking hardcore since the Saints went into the locker room at halftime down by 17 points to the Browns - the Browns! - you can head over to the show page right now and set a friendly reminder that will alert you when the time is right so you don't make the mistake of missing the show. Trust me: you won't want to miss this show. And we've got a chat room filled with other Who Dats hanging out and sharing the misery.

Remember: BE RIGHT HERE at 5pm central (30 minutes from the time of this post).