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Drew and Brittany Brees to Change Name of Newborn Son

Just four days after the birth of his second son, Bowen, and shortly after throwing four interceptions against the Browns in arguably the worst game of his Saints career, quarterback Drew Brees announced that he and wife Brittany will be changing the name of their new bundle of joy.  

"I'm a man of faith and I can't help but believe this was a sign," Brees said. "I mean what are the chances, right? I name my son Bowen and then a twelve year veteran named Bowens ties his career interception production in one game against me."  

You heard right. Almost unbelievably, two of the quarterback's four interceptions against the Browns today were picked off by a linebacker named David Bowens. Both were returned for touchdowns, also a feat the linebacker had never achieved until now. Indeed, the coincidence seems too bizarre to ignore. 

The proud parents were undecided on a name for their new addition right up to the last minute, even asking for suggestions via Drew's Twitter account just days before. The final decision didn't come so easy.

"Brit was opposed to the name 'Bowen' at first. It was what I really wanted all along but had to lobby hard to get her to go along with it," admitted Brees. "I'm thinking maybe we should have just listened to her."

So now they're going back to the drawing board and re-considering some of those fan suggestions they received the first time around. 

"The team, the fans and this city depend on me to play at my best. Today, obviously, I didn't do that and I let everyone down." Brees continued, "If there is something within my power that I can do to make sure that doesn't  happen anymore, I'm going to do it. Even if that is changing my sons name."  

"Fortunately, I think my wife understands. She knows how competitive I can be and how serious I take the game of football," responded the quarterback when asked what his wife Brittany thought about the name change. "She never liked 'Bowen' anyway. It's a win all around" 

**Disclaimer: This is obviously a fictional story. All events and quotes have been made up. None of this is true. Just joking here, people.**