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NY Giants @ Cowboys: MNF Open Thread

Hang out and chat here if you're watching the New York Giants duke it out with the division rival Dallas Cowboys on ESPN's Monday Night Football.

If you're not in front of a television, follow along online at's Game Center.

Or at one of our SB Nation blogs:

NY Giants - Big Blue View

Dallas Cowboys - Blogging the Boys

I know a lot of Saints fans dislike the Cowboys very much and I don't blame them. But as Saints fans, I think the best thing that can happen tonight is actually for the Boys win. They're currently behind the Saints in the standings, while the Giants sit at 4-2. A loss for NY would knock them down a peg and give them the same record as the Saints. As a team, they worry me more.


You might have noticed our featured reader comment just below. That's something I plan on doing more, probably on a daily basis but not necessarily that often. I'll choose either something that speaks to me personally, receives a significantly high amount of rec's from you guys or is absolutely hilarious. Obviously, today's came from the latter category. Hopefully this will continue to encourage quality, thoughtful commenting, though I honestly think you guys as a whole are the most intelligent group of Saints fans on the internet. Stu, put it on The List. Let me know what you guys think of the new concept in this thread.