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Game Ball of the Week: Marques Colston

**This post is sponsored by Sprint.**

The rules of our sponsorship with Sprint state that I have to give out a game ball this week. To be honest with you however, I really didn't feel like it after the Scott Fujita Bowl this Sunday against the Browns. To make a point - because I live in a delusional world where the entire team and coaching staff actually reads every post I write and values my opinion - I was going to claim that nobody deserves a game ball this week because their performance, as a team, was incredibly sub-par.

But I figured that wouldn't be fair to the few players who actually showed up to play football last Sunday, so we're giving one out. It's going to Marques Colston and you know exactly why.

Here are the stats from his solid outing:

vs CLE / 10.24.10 Receiving
Rec Yards Avg TD
Marques Colston 10 112 11.2 1

I could go on and on about the fifth-year receiver but hasn't it all been said already? Dude is awesome and he's about as consistent as they make receivers these days. If he wasn't, then he wouldn't currently be the Saints leading receiver. While the team as a whole stunk up the joint this past Sunday, Colston was solid as a rock. He might not find the end zone as much as you'd like but that's not what makes Colston so valuable. It's the trust he's earned from Drew Brees and his ability to make those key catches when the game is on the line and his number is called.

In fact, I'd make the argument that Colston has been the offense's most valuable player of the entire season, perhaps even the teams. Andrew Juge would probably agree with me given that Marques has the highest overall GPA among all offensive players in his weekly player grading.

But what do you guys think? Now that we're so close to the halfway mark of the 2010 season, would you agree that Marques Colston has been the teams offensive MVP thus far? And will he break the 1,000-yard receiving mark as most of you predicted back in June?