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Fleur-De-Links Saturday, October 30: Riding the Crazy Train To All Hallow's Eve

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It's a slow Saturday news day...

As I put this together, I just start to wonder if there's an official name for the eve of All Hallow's Eve. (Yeah - it's called October 30.)

Today we've got more final practice and injury reports, a wwl article from a radio interview with Pierre about his injury, some blips and blurbs from ESPN's NFL blog network, details on the Guiness World Record visit to the Dome to certify the world's largest costume gathering, and a story about Steelers with NOLA connections. The video section includes a couple of game previews and a clip of Drew Brees.

Speaking of costumes, I hope the Saints show up as a good football team tomorrow night.

In case you're wondering why Ozzy's the picture today, he recently tried to set an official Guiness World Record of the loudest and longest scream at a Dodgers-Angels game this summer. Another recent World Record attempt at a sporting event was the most Snuggies worn at one event.

Go here and here to read how they turned out.


jgoody76 Wow Miami heat the oldest team in the NBA. Who would have ever thought that.
reggie_bush Miami Heat game intro is off the chain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super jealous right now! Whoa!!!! That just gave me chills!!!!!
reggie_bush Miami Heat intro is giving the Celtics intro a run for they money!!!
reggie_bush How can you not get fired up and with chills running down your back when hear Phill Colins-I Can Feel
MalcolmJenkins just left @usama_young28 's event at the bridge lounge he's doing some great things with the youth through his foundation
MalcolmJenkins bout to study some film on Pittsburg then get some good rest!!...
usama_young28 @T_Porter22 @ltorrence24 @JonVilma51@MalcolmJenkins @sharper42 and my other teammates, thanks for showin love at Bridge Lounge
T_Porter22 Had a nice time out last nite at the Bridge Lounge...and now it's back to business..time to buckle down for a big 1 in the dome Sunday nite!
alexbrown96 Everyone please wish my wife @karimarbrowngood luck this morning as she knocks out this half marathon! Good luck my love
dmpressley Woke up in a great mood today!!!!!!
dmpressley It's 62 degrees in NOLa and I love it!!!! It feels like a beautiful morning in NC.... Haha

From the Saints Sideline

Now or never for the New Orleans Saints - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Pat Y. - When the New Orleans Saints walk into the Superdome on Sunday night, they'll be playing their most important game since Super Bowl XLIV.

O.P. Walker's Mike Wallace on fast track with Pittsburgh Steelers |
Nakia Hogan - He's averaging league-leading 25.3 yards per catch this season.

Saints Final Injury Report And Update On Black Uniforms - WWL - AM870 | FM105.3
Dave Cohen

Pierre Thomas ''I'm Upset'' And The Steelers Are Scary - WWL - AM870 | FM105.3
Kristian Garic

Saints know pitfalls of repeating |
Les East. Pitfall? Atari? Watch out for the alligators and quicksand. Stand on the gators' eyes and you'll be ok...

Steelers' Wheels

Steelers Notebook: Woodley, Essex ready to march in against the Saints Woodley, Essex likely to start against Saints |
Chuck Finder

Homecoming weekend for five Steelers players |
Chuck Finder

Final Word: AFC North - AFC North Blog - ESPN
James Walker - Five nuggets of knowledge about Week 8.


Saints Fans To Break Halloween World Record - WWL - AM870 | FM105.3
Dave Cohen

Final Word: NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Pat Y. - Five nuggets of knowledge about Week 8.

V-Roll Roll Call

Saints-Steelers preview - ESPN Countdown Daily |

Drew Brees: Doesn't get bigger than this |

Sunday Night Football Week 8 Preview: Dungy and Harrison |