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Pittsburgh Steelers 3 @ New Orleans Saints 3: Second Half Open Thread

What a first half for our mighty defense.  Many stops and an amazing goal-line stand that recalls the halcyon days of the feared Dome Patrol.

If only our WRs could hang onto the ball and also remember to run PAST the first down marker on third down, we'd be up by 10 points, for criminy's sake!!

Let's take advantage of the BEAUT of a game our defense is giving us and put some points on the board and give them a rest.  C'mon OFFENSE!!!!!!!

Here it is...your place for the 2nd Half of the Frightful Faceoff between the New Orleans Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers. Join us...if you dare!    A ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!


Steelers vs Saints coverage


PS - click on the above photo to se more pix...