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Tracy Porter Out 2-4 Weeks with Sprained MCL

The Times-Pic has a source claiming that Saints cornerback Tracy Porter has a sprained knee. That's somewhat vague; more specifically Porter's injury is a partial tear in the MCL of his left knee, so they say...

New Orleans Saints cornerback Tracy Porter is expected to miss about two to four weeks after suffering an apparent medial collateral injury in his left knee, a league source confirmed...

...tests revealed a slight tear on Monday, according to a source. Porter tweeted the cryptic words, "Why me?"


If it's really torn, I would expect his recovery to be on the longer end of that 2-4 week timeframe.

This, of course, is never good news for the Saints defense. Expect to see more of Randall Gay (Double $^$!!!!!) and rookie first-round pick Patrick Robinson (Son of a monkey $^$!!!!!!) in his absence. I hope Mike McKenzie has been staying in shape, the Saints might need his services soon enough. I saw him down on the sidelines before the game yesterday. 

**Props to jon08ban for being the first to get this out to everyone.**