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Fleur-de-Links Saturday, October 9: What's in the Cards for the Saints?

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Here it is, your Saturday afternoon collection of links and whatnot on the New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals on this glorious Saints-Cardinals Eve.

The Saints flew out to Arizona yesterday, and today's work will probably consist of a walk-through and final team meetings, as the team also adjusts to the time zone change. This will be our final trip that far west this season, as we are all done traveling to NFC West stadiums after this game. The Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams come to the Dome later in the season.

In the Twitter section, Drew and Brittany call out for interesting names that begin with "B"...feel free to toss out some of your own in the comment section, and Dave can tweet them to Drew.

Make the jump and read on McDuff...


drewbrees My wife is due any day now with baby boy #2. We have a few names picked out but haven't decided yet. Looking for "b" names. Suggestions? #fb
drewbrees We are looking for boy names starting with a "b" that are uncommon. Not in most baby name books. Thanks to all for any ideas #fb
TylerLorenzen U C O N N #Uconn #Uconn #Uconn! Good luck to my guys tonight against Rutgers. Cody Endres is gonna drop bombs and put eggs on it!
dmpressley Had a good time talking to the football team of Vandebilt High today. I'm glad to see them overcome their tragic loss
dmcallister26 Abt to have dinner with the CBS crew in Columbia, S Carolina. A good start to a great weekend
robyslyfe On the plane headed to AZ...Who Dat Nation stand up!!!
ChaseDaniel About to take off on our "Fat Boy" plane as we call it! It's massive! AZ here we come!!
alexbrown96 Do it!! RT @BradBiggs: #Bears have at least discussed the possibility of bringing back DT Alfonso Boone. Tribune story:
alexbrown96 About to take off heading to Arizona now.... Chat with y'all in like 3 hours!
iWillSmith Just landed in AZ, gettin focus for the next challenge ahead!
bobbymccray Hmm what to do 2night in New Orleans???
dmpressley BeMario for DeMario!!!! RT @drewbrees: We are looking for boy names starting with a "b" that are uncommon. Not in most baby name books.
dmpressley Bario!!!!! "Mario"!!!RT @drewbrees: We are looking for boy names starting with a "b" that are uncommon. Not in most baby name books.
JonVilma51 made it safe and sound to Az. going to rest up and watch my favorite show, Family Guy!!
reggie_bush Prayers out to Albert Haynesworth and his family... I don't know what I would do if I lost my lil bro!
MalcolmJenkins finally settled down in AZ... relaxing in the room thinking about sunday ...and what im bout to eat, im crazy hungry! (as usual) #fatatheart
dmpressley Lmao! RT @karimarbrown: my mom thinks "LOL" means "lots of love", she just wrote to me "Your grandmother just passed way, LOL" #joke HAHHAHA
HeathEvans Other than losing super bowl 42 here....I love Arizona! This place is beautiful. It's like Palm Beach w/o the humidity! #fb
jgoody76 Does anyone know how to get rid of the feel of your ears being stuffy from being on a plane. (not sure what it's called)
reggie_bush Watching the movie Radio! Forgot how sad this movie was! Did Cuba Gooding win an Award for this role?
TylerLorenzen Cajun wedding...tons of fun!
dmpressley @drewbrees dude I got it!!!! U ready for this?? It's epic!!!......................... Bressley! Haha
T_Porter22 Thx to everyone out there wishing me a speedy recovery...u may not think so but it really REALLY means a lot to me
dmpressley Because warm fruit really doesn't have good quality.. Lolol RT @QuinnieR: Why is it soooo cold in the grocery store!?!
dmpressley YEP!!!!! RT @PackFootball: Pack up 24-3 wit 6:38 remaining in 2nd quarter.
jgoody76 Hail to the victors! RT @ACoveredChild: @jgoody76who u got M or Michigan St.?!
jgoody76 Headed to walk thru.

Saints-Cardinals | Ellis coming into his own this season
Les East. Defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis is off to his best start in three seasons with the New Orleans Saints.

Friday Practice Report |
Staff report.

BLACK AND GOLD BUZZ: Oh Baby! Drew Brees stays busy |
Oh, Baby! B A-W's article has a lame headline.

Injuries force New Orleans Saints to make adjustments |
Will Smith is questionable for Sunday's game.


Arizona Cardinals right tackle Brandon Keith earns coaches' support despite struggles |
Kent Somers - Let's hope this guy's good for some holding penalties and/or blown assignments.

New Orleans Saints just quietly keep marching on |

Bob McManaman - The New Orleans Saints might be the defending Super Bowl champions, but they don't appear to be getting the attention of other, more colorful teams like the Jets, Ravens and Steelers.

Cardinals Friday Notebook |

Kent Somers: Arizona Cardinals update: -- Coach Ken Whisenhunt has sent a few messages to his team this week, including that the club's better players need to play better. "It's been discussed," Whisenhunt said.

Arizona Cardinals vs. New Orleans Saints |

Kent Somers breaks down the Cardinals' home matchup against the defending Super Bowl champions.


Arizona Cardinals may have the next Kurt Warner in quarterback Max Hall - Peter King -
Max Hall piece that King will cite if he turns out to be any good, or ignore if Hall turns out to be nothing but another journeyman nobody (cue CP to list some undrafted QBs who were flops). Article includes other things to watch for in Sunday's games.

New Orleans Saints linebacker Marvin Mitchell fined $10,000 for major face mask penalty |
Mitchell was penalized 15 yards for the face mask penalty against Carolina Panthers' Mike Goodson last Sunday.

John Clayton's 1st and Ten -

Contains a section about the Max Factor (rookie QB status) for the Cardinals.

Adam Schefter's 10-Spot -
Upset of the week: Arizona over New Orleans -- To beat the defending Super Bowl champion Saints in his first NFL start would be a lifelong memory for Cardinals quarterback Max Hall, who is from Mesa, Ariz. (We'll see, Schefter.)

New Orleans Saints linebacker Marvin Mitchell fined $10,000 for major face mask penalty |
Mitchell was penalized 15 yards for the face mask penalty against Carolina Panthers' Mike Goodson last Sunday.

Rock 'n' Roll Mardi Gras Marathon is offering discounts for the race |

A Saints promotion could be a good deal if the Saints win games by a large margin.

Former LSU star Chad Jones determined to see NFL dream come true |
Third-round pick of New York Giants rehabilitating after near-fatal accident.

V-Roll Roll Call

Saints Vlog: October 8 - Pierre Thomas out for Cardinals
B A-W and LE (fric and frac) report on Payton and GW's press conferences from Friday.

Saints Vlog: October 9 - Pinch-hitting prediction for Cardinals game
B A-W takes the reigns for a prediction on Saints at Cardinals. Um, there's a dog in this video again. I like the octopus from Germany better.

Saints vs. Cardinals Black and Gold Report video

New Orleans Saints video: Varney rocks the sweater vest