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Fleur-de-Links - Nov. 11th: Heath Evans Battles Skip Bayless (Enemy to all Saints Fans) on ESPN Today

I've searched and searched, but I can't as of yet find a video link of Heath Evans going up against the hated Skip Bayless today. All I can find are some reports from those who saw it on ESPN's "Firsttake" and possibly "First and 10." Apparently, the main topics of discussion were Randy Moss and Auburn football (mostly QB Cam Newton). Evans reportedly staunchly defended his former teammate Randy Moss against Skippy's usual hyper-negative comments. I would gladly give my left you-know-what to see video of this, so if anyone finds it before I do, please provide a link. There are fewer more loathsome creatures on the planet than Skip Bayless. I'd love to see Evans pull a Jim Everett on him.

There may not be many Saints stories out there, but I've gathered lots of player tweets for you. They apparently have plenty of extra tweeting time this week. In the tiny bit of Saints news today, three rookie tight ends were worked out in case Shockey's rib injury is worse than expected, Chris Ivory's court appearance will likely be delayed until 2011, and Drew Brees visits Mandeville school to present an award.

Also, let's all root for the Ravens to beat the Falcons tonight. We helped them two weeks ago by defeating their arch-nemesis, so I figure this is the perfect opportunity for them to return the favor. GO RAVENS....for tonight only!


HeathEvans RT @jasonromano: Saints Fullback @HeathEvans is at the Bristol compound for the Car Wash. And he gets a shot at debating Skip. #saints #nfl

alexbrown96 Tru Dat! RT @Paige3846089: Have fun with the family! We r all Ravens fans tonight!! They need to whoop those dirty birds for us! Who Dat!!

HeathEvans Cant wait to chat with @realskipbayless! Rocky theme song in my head! #almostlikecomingoutthetunnel

jeffduncantp #Saints QB Drew Brees is going the opposite way of Tom Brady. Heard he took the bye week to get his hair cut quite short.

LanceMoore16 Feels great to be back home. Doing work early. Gonna be a great day!!!

HeathEvans I will try to give you all an inside look of @espn today! #everymansdisnyland what would you guys like to know about this amazing place?

LanceMoore16 Wow almost forgot....Happy Veterans Day!!! We always have to thank those that have allowed us to live free in this great country.

HeathEvans RT @kimjessup_espn: Saints Fullback Heath Evans in Bristol, live in studio for First Take ESPN2) at 10:50 a.m., and @SportsNation 4 p.m....

HeathEvans RT @jasonromano: Saints fullback @HeathEvans doing a tremendous job documenting the ESPN Car Wash. Wait till he sees our cafeteria.

HeathEvans Up Next : @espn_firsttake with @jaycrawfordespn @reischea @djacobsonespn @RealSkipBayless ... This is awseome!!

HeathEvans Talkin smack, havin fun

HeathEvans #WHODAT I feel like @RealSkipBayless and Imight end up like #Rocky and #ApolloCreed. What you guys think?

HeathEvans RT @jasonromano: Saints fullback @HeathEvans wanted a piece of @RealSkipBayless ... He's got him.

HeathEvans You're going DOWN Skip!!!!

HeathEvans RT @jaycrawfordespn: @HeathEvans its official. twitter nation agrees with me. skip bayless got straight trucked by you in 1st and 10....

T_Porter22 About to get up n get some training done to ease my mind...

HeathEvans Its true #Lebron is still trying to fix that copier! #factsofbristol

HeathEvans Lunch.....this burger is great! So was the pizza!#fb

scottshanle "@ProFootballTalk: NFL boasts most-watched season ever:" ..........come on owners don't lock us out! NFL is best ever

scottshanle Thanks to all who protect and have protected our freedom!!!!

JonVilma51 did your hear about this?? that coach is a jacka**!!!

HeathEvans RT @espncfblive: Former Auburn Tiger Heath Evans joins us today! 3:30 ESPN, 4 ESPNU

Official_Saints How do you guys think our man @HeathEvans did vs. @RealSkipBayless on @ESPN_FirstTake today?

HeathEvans Me & the hottie wife on set.#fb

Official_Saints @HeathEvans > @RealSkipBayless - RT @susansuno: @Official_Saints Heath did a great job!

ChaseDaniel Talking to my High School team today for their 1st playoff game tomorrow! Once a Dragon, always a Dragon! Back in black for the playoffs!

alexbrown96 And our first stop is ....

Official_Saints On behalf of the @NFL, @DrewBrees presented Magnolia Trace Elem. with a $10,000 NFL PLAY 60 check today.

T_Porter22 At the Boom..about to get a good work out in....#work

Official_Saints RT @HeathEvans: Just Wrapped up @SportsNation with @espn_colin and @espn_michelle check it out at 4pm. Great group!

HeathEvans Sitting in the green room getting ready for & @sportscenter

sharper42 What a beautiful day in nola, I think the weather is a natural upper.

sharper42 And if y'all get a chance root on the ravens tonight. Holla

dmpressley Everyone root for the Ravens tonight.. AND ONLY TONIGHT!!!!!!

SaintsNews @SaintsNews: Panthers LB Beason fined $10,000, will appeal -

HeathEvans Sportscenter baby!!!

Official_Saints Heath owns @ESPN today! RT @HeathEvans: Sportscenter baby!!!

Official_Saints Props to @usama_young28 who is taking 90 students from McDonogh 35 High School on a college tour of Dillard University & UNO tomorrow

HeathEvans RT @hybridmisfit: Just got Black-ops but I can't play! Why? I've got to see @HeathEvans on @SportsNation! Thanks for the heads up...

HeathEvans FYI: I will be raffling off @reggie_bush motorcycle very soon! All proceeds go 2 support victims of childhood #sexualabuse . @ESPN #saints

reggie_bush Watching Dr. Phil's show about Gossip Websites & Ciber Bullying. Very interesting & informative! What do you guys think about such websites?

HeathEvans RT @stevespn: Big thanks to @HeathEvans for coming on @ESPNewsTheBeat today! #wareagle



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They reportedly visit with Dustin Mitchell, Leroy Banks and Dajleon Farr

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A Washington State prosecutor says any arraignment or other court appearance for Saints running back Chris Ivory most likely won't happen before January 2011.

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"As for the game I know Matt Ryan is 17-1 at home but eventually the mediocre Falcon defense will be exposed. Joe Flacco and his unibrow is just the man to do it." | Saints | Graham cracking NFL code — Baton Rouge, LA
"I’m excited about him, you see the potential and you see it starting to click," Brees said. "It takes a little while, especially for a guy like him who’s used to being on the hoops court and putting the cleats on and coming on the field — especially at this level.

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Drew Brees gets warm welcome at Mandeville school |
With rousing enthusiasm, Drew Brees showed up at the school to present the award, which will be used to help build a motor-sensory playground, designed with precise specifications for children with autism, ADHD and special sensory needs.

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One running joke states if someone went to meet Saint Peter at the pearly gates then just say "I’m a Saints fan" and you’d be let in automatically because you’ve been through enough already.



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It’s only fitting that these two guys speak with the same accent that’s prevalent in the Philadelphia area because it’s just one more thing, among many, that links Ryan and Flacco.

Falcons, Ravens offer prime matchup in prime time
Two dirty birds enter, one dirty bird leaves. Let's hope it's the raven. news: Ravens have tools to reverse Falcons' fortunes at home's Bucky Brook provides a breakdown of Thursday night's game between the Ravens and Falcons on NFL Network.



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