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Saints' Midseason Report Card: Marques Colston is Offensive MVP

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Through nine games, the Most Valuable Player for the offense (based on the highest GPA) is Marques Colston. I've listed all the GPAs below, ranking each offensive player from highest to lowest. I've also listed the player of the game awards.

You'll notice that only Brees and Moore have gotten Player of the Game awards twice, and no one has had it three times. Last year, through eight games, Brees had won it five times. You'll also notice that Zach Strief and Ladell Betts are currently in a dead heat for Least Valuable Player. Make the jump to see the numbers.

Marques Colston 2.93 (9 games graded)

Jimmy Graham 2.92 (4 games)

Reggie Bush 2.84 (2 games)

Carl Nicks 2.78 (9 games)

Pierre Thomas 2.78 (3 games)

Jahri Evans 2.74 (9 games)

Jeremy Shockey 2.70 (9 games)

Jonathan Goodwin 2.70 (9 games)

Drew Brees 2.67 (9 games)

Heath Evans 2.67 (9 games)

Lance Moore 2.63 (9 games)

David Thomas 2.59 (9 games)

Julius Jones 2.45 (3 games)

Jermon Bushrod 2.37 (9 games)

Jon Stinchcomb 2.30 (9 games)

Robert Meachem 2.29 (8 games)

Chris Ivory 2.28 (7 games)

Devery Henderson 2.18 (9 games)

Ladell Betts 2.17 (6 games)

Zach Strief 2.14 (7 games)

Player of the Week awards:

Drew Brees - 2

Lance Moore - 2

Carl Nicks - 1

Marques Colston - 1

Chris Ivory - 1

Jonathan Goodwin - 1

Jermon Bushrod - 1

So what do you think? Do you disagree that Colston is the offensive player that's performed the most consistently through 9 games?